Villagers in Odisha trying to save bats dying from the scorching heat

bats dying due to scorching heat

A large number of bats have been seen to die from extremely high temperatures in a village in Odisha. The Kabatabandha village in Odisha has witnessed an increased number of deaths of bats in their own habitat.  According to a forest department official, at least eight bats have been found dead in Odisha’s Jajpur district … Read more

Extreme heat hampers Darjeeling’s first flush tea production

darjeeling first flush tea production affected

First flush crops serve the highest price in the market. But due to global warming and climate change, the increased temperatures and heat waves were seen as a huge loss not only for Darjaleeing but for the country as a whole. 

“Including Transgenders under OBC quota is a big insult”

Transgenders in OBC quota in Madhya Pradesh

Transgenders are to acquire 14% of the reservation seats under the OBC quota.  The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan along with his cabinet laid out a decision to include Transgender under 14% of the OBC quota.  WHY WAS THIS DECISION TAKEN? This decision came out on Tuesday when the cabinet of Shivraj … Read more

Muslim youth Sheikh Firoz lynched in MP over suspicion of theft

muslim youth lynched in Khandwa

Another Muslim youth was lynched in Madhya Pradesh only over suspicion of theft.  On Sunday, a Muslim youth named Sheikh Firoz was horribly beaten in the Chaigaon devi village which falls under the jurisdiction of Chhaigoan Makhan police station in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. Sheikh Firoz lynched: What Led to this incident? The incident took place … Read more

Toxic fumes releasing from a plastic recycling plant in Indiana

Indiana plastic recycling plant toxic fumes

Fire-releasing toxic fumes were put up in a plastic recycling plant in Indiana. The officials warn that the fire could go on for days.  Eastern Indiana was covered with black plumes and toxic smoke. People living nearby were asked to evacuate immediately.  The industrial fire took place on Wednesday and around 2000 people staying nearby … Read more

Tourists to explore new safari jungle in Gwalior

A new safari jungle will be built on Shivpuri link road in Gwalior. The city is to witness a new safari park experience.  The tourists are welcome to explore the essence of beautiful flora and fauna. The safari park will be a home to many beautiful wild animals. The zoo requires at least 125 hectares … Read more

What is National Credit Framework released by UGC?

National credit framework under new education policy explained

The national credit framework of UGC has enabled the students to creditise the expertise in Vedas, Puranas, and other elements of the Indian Knowledge system.  The national credit framework NCrF on Tuesday released by the University Grants Commission has allowed the students to credit the expertise in the different components of the Indian knowledge system.  … Read more

Why Adani group’s brand custodian Aman Singh quit NDTV board?

The head of corporate affairs and corporate brand custodian of the Adani Group, Aman Kumar Singh stepped down from his post at NDTV Ltd. On 1 April, the head of corporate affairs left his post at NDTV due to other engagements.  WHY DID AMAN SINGH RESIGN FROM NDTV? It was found out that the former … Read more

What is ‘Dabba Trading” and why it is illegal?

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) on Monday cautioned the investors in some illegal “dabba trading”.  The statement by NSE came to caution the investors regarding some fraudsters who are running illegal dabba training with guaranteed returns to its investors.  WHAT IS “DABBA TRADING”? Dabba trading is a form of illegal practice adopted by some fraudsters … Read more

Dalai lama apologies little boy’s family after a video clip goes viral

dalai lama kissing boy video

A recent video clip of the Dalai Lama with a kid went viral. The clip showing the Dalai Lama purportedly kissing a boy on his lips created controversy on the internet.  The spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama was seen kissing a boy’s lips and then asking him to kiss his tongue created a sparking controversy … Read more