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Home » All US troops will leave Afghanistan by August 31

All US troops will leave Afghanistan by August 31

All US troops will leave Afghanistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: All US troops will leave Afghanistan; US President Joe Biden has defended his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, saying that the US operation in Afghanistan will end by August 31.

All US troops will leave Afghanistan

The speed with which American troops are withdrawing from Afghanistan, Joe Biden has also defended it. He said that this step saved people’s lives.

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President Joe Biden’s statement comes at a time when the Taliban is achieving success in many areas in Afghanistan. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the US military has fought in Afghanistan for almost 20 years.

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden set a deadline of September 11, 2021 for the withdrawal of all US troops.

Former US President Donald Trump had agreed with the Taliban to withdraw US troops by May 2021 but was pushed forward by Joe Biden after taking over as US President in January.

US President Joe Biden said in an address from the White House that fighting the war in Afghanistan for one more year will not lead to a solution, but it is a recipe for continuing the war indefinitely. (All US troops will leave Afghanistan)

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In his address, he denied that the Taliban was “determined” to take over. He said in favour of his statement that there are about 75,000 fighters in the Taliban army, while there are three lakh soldiers in the Afghan army.

Even after complete withdrawal, 650 to 1,000 troops are expected to remain in Afghanistan to protect the US embassy, ​​Kabul airport and other major government installations.

In the recently held elections in America, the issue of withdrawal of troops received huge support from the people.

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