Alcohol Lovers Association lists out demands for Karnataka govt

A newly formed association in Karnataka, the ‘Alcohol Lovers Association’, published a list of demands, including that each bottle should be insured with one lakh rupees, from the state government. Association members even complained that they have been ignored by the state government for too long.

A representative of the association stated at a press conference in Haasan, Karnataka, that alcohol consumers (alcohol lovers) contribute 30% of the state’s revenue and are being ignored for a long. As a result, they submitted to the government a list of demands that will help their families.

Alcohol Association demands

One of the association’s members raised his demands, saying that each bottle should have insurance of one lakh rupee, in case a consumer dies. According to the association, the state needs to create a special corporation for such as people with alcohol use disorder and the government needs to build 15,000 new houses for them every year. In addition, the government should cover the cost of liver surgery, as well as regular health inspections at the taluk level.

The association also asked the government to provide reserves for their children in schools. “Our children are likely to grow up disturbed due to our habits, therefore 10 per cent of the seats in government shelters in the state should be reserved for them. This will help the children to study without disturbance,” the member said.

Alcohol Association demands

  • Each bottle is to be insured for 1 lakh to compensate death of the consumer.
  • Since children of alcoholics are prone to disturbances arising out of drunken brawls at home, 10% of seats in hostels should be reserved for them.
  • Set up a corporation to provide one lakh houses to alcoholics every year.
  • Government to meet the cost of liver surgery.
  • Free health check-up once in three months at the Taluk level.
  • Clean filtered water, seating and toilets are to be provided at wine stores.


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