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Home » Was Deepak Chaurasia drunk paying tribute to martyr Bipin Rawat?

Was Deepak Chaurasia drunk paying tribute to martyr Bipin Rawat?

Was Deepak Chaurasia drunk paying tribute to martyr Bipin Rawat?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Was Deepak Chaurasia drunk; A video of News Nation Channel anchor Deepak Chaurasia is going viral on social media. This video is from his channel in which he is anchoring. It is seen in the video that Deepak Chaurasia is paying tribute to martyr CDS Bipin Rawat.

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During this, his words are not coming out well. In many places, he is taking the name of the late general wrong, while in many places he is calling the general a journalist. This video is becoming increasingly viral. People are getting a lot of reactions to the video going viral.

Was Deepak Chaurasia drunk

Sharing this video clip on social media, a Twitter user named Mohammad Zubair (@zoo_bear) wrote, ‘What has happened to Deepak Chaurasia? Is he not feeling well? Why has he removed some things from his show from YouTube?’ Let us tell you that that viral video of Deepak Chaurasia anchoring has been removed from YouTube.

Zubair then shared a picture of himself dancing and singing at a wedding and wrote that the possibility of him being unwell cannot be ruled out as he was seen singing and dancing at a wedding ceremony just a day before.

A user named Ranvijay Singh (@ranvijaylive) writes that what has happened to them? Tell someone knowledgeable. A comment came from the Twitter handle of Alka Sahu (@AlkaAgga) that maybe acting to be sad. A Twitter user named Mitali Mukherjee (@MitaliLive) writes whether this is happening in this world. I don’t know what is the reason for this behavior but the anchor should not be on air in such a situation. 

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A user named simply human writes A true nationalist. Could not hear the pain of the loss of CDS . He needed a few drinks to sober his emotions. What a deshbhakt and a loyal Modi bhakt . Liberandus will make fun of this also. Little do they understand the love Bhakts hv for the country.

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