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Ahead of Amarnath Yatra: IED, arms smuggling raises concern in Kashmir

The smuggling of explosive devices (IEDs) and pistols in Jammu and Kashmir in front of Amarnath Yatra have caused security concerns

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Amarnath Yatra: IED and arms smuggling raises concern in Kashmir

The smuggling of explosive devices (IEDs) and pistols in Jammu and Kashmir in front of Amarnath Yatra have caused security concerns. Attacks on police, security forces, minorities and social media users have increased in Jammu and Kashmir over the past few days.

The smuggling of IEDs and pistols is seen as a potential threat. Especially when Amarnath Yatra begins in the last week of June. The journey begins again after the crown period, the trip will last 43 days.

It is expected that from six to eight million pilgrims will take part in the liver this time. This number may be the highest in the history of Amarnath-Yatra. The Economic Times quoted officials as saying that a large consignment of pistols, including the American-made Canic-TP9, had been smuggled into various parts of the valley, with the aim of creating panic.

Citing a high-ranking police officer, the newspaper writes that attacks on minority communities, unemployed police officers and celebrities on social media are helping extremists influence the government's account of "peace in the valley".

According to the publication, this year security forces killed more than 94 militants. In addition, many militant leaders and activists were arrested. During this time, 17 ordinary people also died.

On May 23, police seized 15 pistols and 300 rounds of ammunition in the Chanapora area of ​​Srinagar. On April 19, police found 10 pistols with 54 rounds of ammunition in the Kupwara area of ​​northern Kashmir. Earlier this week, seven Velcro bombs and seven grenades were removed from a drone shot down along the border in the Catua area of ​​Jammu. This year, police seized about 130 pistols from different parts of the Valley. A senior intelligence official said that at least 30 pistols and two sticky IEDs were in circulation in only one area of ​​southern Kashmir.

In this regard, the administration of Jammu and Kashmir has decided to immediately send migrants from Kashmir, working on a special package of the Prime Minister, and other staff members of the Jammu unit, to "sheltered places" in the Valley until June 6, reported officials.

The decision comes after a series of deliberate killings of Hindu civil servants by terrorists in Kashmir and fears of their withdrawal from Kashmir. "PM Package staff and other members of national minorities stationed in the Kashmir division will be sent to shelters immediately and the process will be completed by Monday, June 6," the source said.

Kashmir Commissioner PK Paul said that all PM Package staff and other members of national minorities working in the Kashmir division would be sent to sheltered places immediately and the process would be completed by Monday (June 6, 2022).

The Pole said that about 4,500 migrant workers were stationed in district or city districts. "Over the past week, about 500 employees, at their request, moved to a convenient place for them, including about 100 pairs of employees," he said. "In addition to migrant workers, they will be considered for placement in these places if desired by Saturday."

KP officials have spoken out against an administration seeking relocation from Kashmir following the assassination of Rahul Bhat, an employee who was killed in the Tehsil Chadur office in Budgam. On Tuesday, the KP took to the roads again when militants shot dead Rajna Balu, a schoolteacher, in the Gopalpora area of ​​Kulham's southern district.

KP protesters threatened mass migration to Jammu if the government did not resolve their problems within 24 hours. The government's announcement comes to an end to the ultimatum set by the CP.

There is an atmosphere of tension in Jammu and Kashmir after the assassination of a Kashmiri teacher. There have been reports of clashes between protesting Kashmiri pandits and the Jammu and Kashmir administration on Wednesday.

Kashmiri pandits are constantly protesting in the valley. Kashmiri pandits were not allowed to protest in the streets. At the same time, it is forbidden to leave the Valley of Kashmiri Pandits, appointed under the rehabilitation package of the Prime Minister in 2008. After that, there was a clash between the administration and the protesters.

More than 4,000 Kashmiri pandits threatened to leave the valley. They decided to leave the valley in large numbers. His decision was announced by the leaders of various transit camps.

An employee of Kashmiri Pandit, who lives in the Indira Nagar area of ​​Srinagar, told the newspaper: "On Tuesday, police did not allow any Kashmiri Pandit employee to leave his post." Kashmiri pandits have been protesting for the past few days, demanding security.

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