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Afghanistan's Tilt towards the West

Afghanistan West; The Taliban's swift takeover of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stunned Afghans who had been suffering for a long time

By aakriti verma
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Afghanistan's Tilt towards the West

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghanistan West; The Taliban's swift takeover of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan stunned Afghans who had been suffering for a long time. Furthermore, Afghanistan was further hampered by weak economic conditions, insecurity, COVID-19, government incompetence, corruption, revenue reduction, and drought.

Due to reduced foreign aid and support after the takeover, the economy will confront various new obstacles. The installation of a new administration, the response of international actors, and the acts and responses of the Taliban can all help to improve the situation in Afghanistan.

Present Situation

The humanitarian situation in Afghanistan has rapidly deteriorated since the Taliban retook power in August 2021, when international aid abruptly ceased, exacerbating the plight of millions of people who were already hungry due to several severe droughts.

During the crisis, the $9.5 bn dollars funds that were frozen by the USA have been released now, and eventually, they will be distributed accordingly for humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan.

In January 2022, United Nations launched its largest appeal valuing funding of $4.4 bn for a single country.  Though the aid was suspended by the USA, however, humanitarian aid did continue to flow in through foreign governments.

According to the United Nations Organisation for the Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance that as of February 2022, approximately $1.6 billion has been provided to Afghanistan. 

After the withdrawal, China has been consistent about maintaining ties with The Taliban. However, this sudden inclination of the Taliban towards the west for humanitarian aid can be seen as a matter of serious concern for China and Pakistan as well. Moreover, China has been facing external security threats due to the Taliban takeover. Chinese economic interests are at risk due to threats from Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) also known as Pakistan Taliban in Pakistan as well as from the Turkistan Islamic Party, ETIM, and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan that is tied to TTP.

During the round of talks held between the United States, European Union, and Taliban members at Doha, the countries concluded that  Western countries and international financial institutions have linked their release to a better human rights record in the country, especially for women. Furthermore, it was added that the international community is ready to take every possible step needed for the overall well-being of the Afghan people.

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