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Home ยป Afghan pop-singer thanks India, slams Pakistan

Afghan pop-singer thanks India, slams Pakistan

Afghan pop-singer thanks India, slams Pakistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghan pop-singer thanks India; Pop-star Aryana Saeed, who left the country after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, has criticized Pakistan in a conversation with news agency ANI while thanking India. She said that she wants to express gratitude to India on behalf of the whole of Afghanistan and wants to say thank you.

Aaryana said that over the years she has realized that if there is a good friend in the neighbourhood, it is India.

Afghan pop-singer thanks India

“India has always treated us well. They are our true friends, they are very helpful and kind to our people who are refugees in India. Every Afghan person I have met in India has always been an Indian. Well said for the people.” Along with this, she has accused Pakistan of interfering in the politics of Afghanistan.

Aaryana said, “I blame them. Over the years now, we have seen videos and evidence that show that Pakistan is behind empowering the Taliban. Whenever our government caught a Taliban, they would see the identity.” So he would have been a Pakistani man. It is very clear that he is there.”

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“I blame them (Pakistan) and I hope they will stay behind and no longer interfere in the politics of Afghanistan.” Along with this, she demanded the international community to put pressure on Pakistan and stop funding the Taliban.

Regarding the international community, she said, “I hope they will sit down and find a solution to bring peace in Afghanistan. I hope they can put pressure on Pakistan. I believe that the big problems we are facing in Afghanistan.” They are because of Pakistan. We know that Pakistan has been funding the Taliban.”

“They have been instructed by Pakistan, their bases are in Pakistan and they get training there. I hope that first of all they will cut all their funds and will not give any funds to Pakistan so that they have money to fund the Taliban.”

Slams Pakistan

Beginning her interview with news agency ANI, Aryana said that she is very disappointed, to begin with the sentence that the international community has left the people of Afghanistan this way and the Taliban have captured the entire country in just a few days. Got it, it’s just unbelievable.

“Powerful countries went there and said the reason for this was to get rid of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. After 20 years, spending billions of dollars and killing many soldiers, they suddenly decided to leave Afghanistan. This is shocking. “

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“My hope is that the international community will not forget about Afghanistan and will not forget the Afghan citizens because it is not their fault. They are suffering and the millions of women and children living in Afghanistan are not up to this situation.”

Along with this, Aryana criticized the former President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani for leaving the country. She said that he left the country, citizens, security forces alone and how would they fight without a leader?

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