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Home ยป Afghan leaders responsible for Taliban occupation: US President

Afghan leaders responsible for Taliban occupation: US President

Afghan leaders responsible for Taliban occupation: US President

Ground report | New Delhi: Afghan leaders responsible; US President Joe Biden has said he is fully committed to his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan and has kept his promise to the United States.

The Taliban’s rapid takeover of the country during the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has plunged incumbent Joe Biden into the worst crisis of his presidency in January. He announced this year that US troops had withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of August, and he has stuck to that decision despite the Taliban’s rapid advance in the country in recent weeks.

According to Reuters, in a speech at the White House on Monday, the US president broke his silence on the situation in Afghanistan and said that the Afghan leaders responsible for the occupation of Afghanistan were the ones who fled the country and the Afghan army is the US. Despite being trained, the militants are not ready to fight the group.

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Biden specifically criticized two senior Afghan leaders, President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, head of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council, saying they both “flatly refused” to accept his advice for a political settlement with the Taliban.

Afghan leaders responsible

“We gave them every opportunity to decide their own future,” he said. We could not give them the courage to fight for this future. “American troops cannot fight and die in a war that Afghan forces are not prepared to fight on their own.” He said he stood by his decision. “In 20 years, I have come to realize that there has never been a better time for the withdrawal of US troops.”

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The president said: “How many more sons and daughters of American descent do you want to send to fight the Afghans and the Afghan civil war?” When the situation is such that the Afghan army will not fight on its own. Would it be right to do so? How many rows of unending books will there be in Arlington National Cemetery? ‘ “Our mission in Afghanistan has never been nation-building,” he said. It was never for the formation of a unified central democracy. Our only major national interest in Afghanistan today is to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil.

Joe Biden has warned the Taliban that they would face “destructive force” if they interfered in the US withdrawal. Biden has had to deploy US troops in Kabul to protect the evacuation of US diplomats, civilians and Afghans who worked with the United States and now face retaliation from the Taliban.

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