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600 journalists dead in 2020 due to covid-19

After 1 March 2020, more than 600 journalists worldwide have died due to the corona virus epidemic. An association related to press freedom has given this information.

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In the last one year, the corona virus epidemic has killed millions of people in the world. Among the dead, there are frontline employees as well as those who bring the news related to the world at risk, that is, journalists. International media watchdog Organization Press Imbalam Campaign (PEC) says that 602 journalists have died due to corona. Maximum 303 journalists have died in Latin America. 145 deaths were recorded in Asia, 94 in Europe, 32 in North America and 28 in Africa.

PEC says that it is not possible to separate journalists who got infected while working and retired journalists are also included in their list. The Geneva-based organization has said that it thinks journalists should “prioritise vaccination upon request.”

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PEC Secretary General Bliss Lempen said in a statement, “Journalists go to the ground to record statements because of their profession, they are especially at risk of exposure to the virus. Some of them are freelance journalists and photo journalists Who just can’t work from home. “

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This figure of PEC is based on the information of local media, national associations of journalists and regional correspondents of PEC.

He says the actual number will be more than 602 because the cause of journalists’ deaths is sometimes unclear, their deaths are not announced or there is no reliable local information. Peru’s highest media personnel died in the Corona epidemic since March last year. In Peru, 93 media persons died due to the virus, followed by 55 in Brazil, 53 in India, 45 in Mexico, 42 in Ecuador, 41 in Bangladesh, 37 in Italy and 31 in the US.

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The international non-profit organization established in 2004 supports the request for financial assistance to the families of journalists who died from covid-19.

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