5 Best Restaurant Management Software in India

To make every restaurant a success story, along with the food and the team, an efficient management software is equally important. The Restaurant Management software diversifies the input system, payroll and payment methods and further helps in maintaining a transparent record. While choosing a Restaurant Management Software, a few features must be looked after, such as Easiness to use, compatibility and online management. The software should be a one-stop solution with hassle free technical assistance. 

Here is a guide to the some of the best management systems options available in India. 

1. SlickPOS

Established in 2017, The company follows a SaaS-based approach. SlickPOS is a cloud-based Point of Sale.The software provides a cumulative platform with centralized access and can further be customised according to the needs of the restaurant. The software offers a set of features ranging from Sale Point, Finance Management, Inventory Management to Digital Receipts, Customer Feedback, along with Franchise as well as Marketing Management. 

2. GoFrugal Restaurant POS

Established back in 2004, The restaurant management platform offers an accumulated software consisting of Profitable menu builder tool, manages online orders, offers table managements and reservations. Moreover, The software helps with Recipe Management along with Dynamic pricing options. The Unique Selling Point of the software is that it offers efficient inventory management with minimise wastage. An inclusive tool which not only helps in increasing profits but also manages order based production.

3. PetPooja

Originated in 2011, The platform offers an accurate display of Easy, Intelligent and Efficient software. The software offers an extensive array of benefits to the restaurant. The platform is user-friendly and is not restricted to any specific payment method, instead it accepts all form of payment methods which further enhances the feasibility as well as productivity of the software. 

4. Eatlot

Eatlot is among the best management systems in the restaurant markets. The software is known to be extremely efficient and productive as it offers cloud-based restaurant billing. The software offers seamless third-party integrations along with real-time tracking, GST compliance, as well as stock management. The system offers an inclusive approach to keeping a check on inventory, data and finances from anywhere around the world. 

5. eZee Optimus 

The software not only provides you a user friendly interface but also stands as a budget friendly option. Furthermore, the software is designed in such a way that it provides contactless customer service. An All-in-One software that helps you centralise the business ranging from Menu & Order Management to Customised real-time reports.   

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