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“4 People Run This Country; Hum Do, Humaare Do”: Rahul Gandhi’s Jibe

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Thursday fiercely attacked the agricultural laws brought by the Modi government in Parliament.

On Wednesday, PM Modi said that ‘it would have been better if the Congress party had discussed their intents and content more than the color of the new agricultural laws’.

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Responding to PM Modi’s remarks, Rahul Gandhi said that “Speaking in the House yesterday, PM Modi said that we should have talked about the content (subject matter) and intent (objectives) of these laws.” Therefore, to make them happy, today I will talk only on the intents and content of agricultural laws. “

Rahul Gandhi said that there was a slogan for family planning ‘Hum do hamare do’. Like Corona comes back in a different form, this slogan has come back in a different form. Nation is run by 4 people – ‘Hum do hamare do’. Everyone knows their names. Whose govt is it, of ‘hum do, hamare do’.

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“The content of the first law brought by them is that any person can buy any amount of grains, fruits and vegetables anywhere, anywhere in the country. If unlimited purchase is allowed, then who will go to the market? So first the content of the law and its goal is to end the mandis. “

“The content of the second law is to license hoarding in India. The content of the second law is that the biggest industrialists can store as much grain, as much fruit, as much as they want to store vegetables. ”

“The content of the third law is that when the farmer asks for the right price for his grain, for his vegetables, for his fruits, he will not be allowed to go to court.”

At the time when Rahul Gandhi was speaking about the three agricultural laws in the House, BJP MPs were making a stir in the House. His argument was that ‘Gandhi has to express his opinion on the general budget, he can no longer speak on agricultural laws’.

But Rahul Gandhi continued his speech. He said, “There was a slogan of family planning – ‘Hum do, hamare do’.” Today this slogan has come in another form. The intent (purpose) of these laws is hidden in it. Today, four people run this country, that is, ‘we two, our two’. Everyone knows their names. This is the government of these four. The government wants that the big friend who is among his two friends, give him the right to sell the grains, fruits and vegetables of the whole of India. This is his first law intent. This will harm the small traders and the hawkers.”

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After this, Rahul Gandhi said, “The intent of his second law is to give all his right to hoarding of food grains, fruits and vegetables to his other friend. They say that we have given a choice to the farmers. I say yes, they have given a choice. There are three options – hunger, unemployment and suicide. Actually, the matter is that the biggest trade in India is now agriculture, 40 percent of the population lives on it, it is a business of 40 lakh crore rupees. He has an eye on her.”

During his speech, Rahul Gandhi said, “When these laws are in force, then those who are farmers of this country, small traders, small laborers, their business will stop. Farmers’ fields will go, shops of small shopkeepers will be closed. Then only two people – we two, our two – will run this country.”

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