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Israel wants India’s support against decision of international court

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has written to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking India’s support against the decision of the International Criminal Court.

Netanyahu has written a letter to ‘good friends’ India and said that he should speak against the ICC decision and give him a clear message.

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Last week, the ICC in a decision also told the Palestinian territory in its jurisdiction. India has not yet responded to this. 

However, India has indicated to Israel through diplomatic channels that it does not want to comment on the issue. Israel considers India a good friend and hoped that India would react positively to it.

According to a report by The Indian Express that this silence of India about Israel is a sign of major change at the policy level in West Asia. The Indian Express has written that India has not responded to Netanyahu’s letter of February 7 and India does not want to take any side on this issue. However, both India and Israel are not members of the ICC Founding Treaty.

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But Israel has raised a strong objection to this decision. Israel says that this decision shows that the ICC is acting like a political body. Israel has said that the ICC does not have the authority to make any decision on it. Israel has said that the Palestinian Authority is not a sovereign state, so it cannot make a decision on it. The Israeli PM has described it as anti-Jewish.

The ICC gave the decision 2–2 on 5 February. The International Criminal Court said on Friday that the territories that Israel had occupied in 1967 fall under its jurisdiction. Israel has been speaking on the contrary. This decision will open the way for investigation of Israelis and Palestinians involved in war crimes.

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After this decision, there can now be an investigation into the alleged war crimes committed by Israelis in Palestinian territory. The decision by the International Court of The Hague has given this decision six years ago after an investigation started against Israelis. It also investigated the war crimes of Israelis in the 50-day Gaza war in 2014.

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