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3 Incidents when women accused of playing victim card

3 Incidents when women accused; There are two sides to the same coin, but not when you are a man being publicly accused and abused by a woman

By Ground Report
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3 Incidents when women accused

Ground Report | New Delhi: 3 Incidents when women accused; There are two sides to the same coin, but not when you are a man being publicly accused and abused by a woman. People often give the woman the benefit of the doubt and assume that the man has done some malicious or obscene acts that a woman had to react to.

One of the Twitter user wrote "In India, women have an easy way to fame. That is to attack men in public places and gain instant fame and in most cases extra money and compensation from the government. It doesn't matter if there is any merit in the case or not, in all such cases the woman needs to brutally beat the man, abuse him and before doing all this she has to shoot the incident of male assault from one of her friends".

The Lucknow girl's case in which she attacked an innocent cab driver on the road, slapped her several times in the middle of the road, causing huge traffic jams. He didn't hit back or say a word.

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It can be seen in the video that some people try to intervene in the matter and save the man, but the girl does not leave the man’s collar. In the video, the man is heard saying that the girl has also broken his phone. At present, the police have released three people present in the cab in this case by challaning them. 

3 Incidents when women accused of playing victim card

Rohtak Sisters Controversy (2014)

On November 28, 2014, a video surfaced on social media of two sisters thrashing three boys in a moving bus. Both the sisters said that the three boys were molesting them, after which they beat them. The boys were arrested but later got bail. Then the matter reached the court and now after two years, the court of Rohtak ACJM Harish Goyal has acquitted the three accused Deepak, Mohit, and Kuldeep due to lack of evidence.

It didn't take long for the video to play on various television news channels in India. The girls with the nickname "brave-dil" received a lot of appreciation across the media for this act. In addition, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar also announced a cash award of Rs 31,000 each to each of the two sisters on Republic Day (2015) as an appreciation for their bravery.

However, after 3 years of investigation and investigation, all three men were found not guilty.

Jasleen Kaur Harassment Case (2015)

Delhi resident Sarvjit Singh, 28, who was accused of being an "eve-teaser" and "perverted" by former St Stephen's College alumnus Jasleen Kaur, has been acquitted of all charges. were leveled against.

She said it prevented him from jumping the signal and that he responded with obscene comments. She posted a picture of him on social media and garnered praise from everyone including the CM.

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She was arrested but Kaur later changed her statements several times, which the court found to be unreliable and aroused suspicion. Four years after the incident, he was acquitted because of his innocence.

Bangalore Zomato Row (2021)

On 10 March 2021, Hitesha Chandranee, an Instagram influencer, took to her Instagram account alleging that Kamaraj, a Zomato delivery partner, punched her and broke her nose when she demanded that her food be given free of cost as he was late. But in reality, it was a publicity stunt by the woman to gain some followers on Instagram.

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