Video of girl beating young man in Lucknow goes viral

Ground Report | New Delhi: Video of girl beating young man; A video of a girl slapping a man has gone viral on social media. In this video being told from Lucknow’s Avadh crossing, a girl can be seen slapping a man in the presence of traffic police. The video is being told on 30 July. The video is being shared a lot on Twitter and people are also trending #ArrestLucknowGirl. Police have started an investigation into this matter.

Video of girl beating young man

In this video going viral, a girl can be seen slapping a man driving at a road crossing. Traffic police are also seen in the video. The traffic police intervene, but the girl continues to kill the man.

It can be seen in the video that some people try to intervene in the matter and save the man, but the girl does not leave the man’s collar. In the video, the man is heard saying that the girl has also broken his phone. At present, the police have released three people present in the cab in this case by challaning them. At the same time, the girl has also been released with a warning.

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Krishnanagar ACP, Swatantra Kumar Singh said that the girl alleged that the boys hit her with the intention of killing her. The girl also said that the boys misbehaved with her and also tried to kill her. The police brought both of them to the police station and took preventive action against the girl under Section 107/16 of CrPC and 151 against the boys and released them after warning them.

The ACP said that after the video went viral on social media, the police has received a complaint against the girl from a boy, after which a case will be registered against the girl. So far it is not clear under which sections a case will be registered against the girl.

Police said that there were 3 people in the car. On social media, the person is being described as a cab driver, but the ACP told that the vehicle was not his.

Trending #ArrestLucknowGirl

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On social media, users have demanded the arrest of the girl, taking the side of the cab driver. Users have written that the girl should be arrested for assaulting the driver in a public place. At the same time, some users have also linked this matter to the Zomato controversy in Bengaluru, in which two sides of the story came out.

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