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29 percent women face molestation in public places: Survey

29 percent of women in India experienced molestation or sexual exploitation on trains, stations, public places and roads, according to a survey.

The survey of local circles claimed that 29 percent of the women faced molestation and sexual exploitation in public places.

9 percent of the women reported that they or other members of their family experienced it more than once.

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Trains, stations, public places and roads are the top places where Indian women have faced molestation or sexual exploitation. 17 percent of the women surveyed said that this happened on local trains, metro or its stations. 

20 percent said that it happened in crowded ceremonies. 7 percent of the women said that such an incident happened with them in religious places, while 10 percent described the market as such a place of occurrence.

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Only 23 per cent of the women who faced molestation said that they lodged a complaint in the FIR or the police. 

The survey claimed that 15 percent of the women said that the police did not register their complaint or take any action. While 23 percent said that they did not take any action, 15 percent decided not to file an FIR.

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Local Circles garnered more than 24,000 responses from 14,000 citizens in 319 districts of India for this survey and released this result based on them. 

The survey consisted of 65 percent men while 35 percent were women.

The National Crime Bureau said in 2019 that out of 4 lakh cases filed against women, 32,033 cases were related to rape. Often rape victims do not report the case for fear of intimidation.

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The NGO Oxfam had said in a report that the earmarked funds were not used for setting up helpline centers, emergency response services and gender-sensitization training for officers. 

According to him, the allocation is already less in the fund and it is not being used.

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