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Year old Corona: 1978 deaths, Over 1,28,000 infected

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Last year on this day (March 18) panic gripped across Jammu and Kashmir when first case of lethal Covid-19 was reported in Kashmir Valley. It has been a year and there is still no respite from this pandemic.

The number of cases of Corona virus in Jammu and Kashmir has crossed the figure of 1,28,000 since March 18 last year. The cases are still on rise affecting the normal life.

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The number of deaths due to this lethal virus has also touched 1978 figure. The data available with news agency Kashmir News Trust reveals that the first case of Coronavirus was reported on March 18, after which the number of people infected with the deadly disease crossed to 10,000 on July 11, during which 171 people breathed last. There was no let up in cases and the graph witnessed an upward trend.

The number of people suffering from this global pandemic in Jammu and Kashmir doubled on 31 July. The data shows there were 20,156 people who had been reported positive for Covid-19 from 18 March to 31 July last year. During this time 378 persons died due to this deadly virus.

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The wheel moved at rapid pace while in next 19 days this number jumped from 20,156 to 30,034 on August 19. On September 4, the total number of people infected with Corona in Jammu and Kashmir reached 40,990, while the number of deaths from the disease touched 694. On November 11, the number of people infected with this Virus crossed 100,000 mark while the death toll touched 1549.

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Corona turned one year old in Jammu and Kashmir today. There are still 1,28,000 infected people while 1977 persons have become victim of this virus.

Ironically, some people who died in road accidents were declared Covid positive posthumously. Covid SOPs were followed in their burial, much against the wishes of their families. (KNT)

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