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Yamuna on 205.48 m danger mark, Delhi to get flooded again!

The water level of the Yamuna River in Delhi has again risen above the danger mark, reaching a height of 205.48 meters at the Old

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Yamuna on 205.48 m danger mark, Delhi to get flooded again

The water level of the Yamuna River in Delhi has again risen above the danger mark, reaching a height of 205.48 meters at the Old Railway Bridge, and remained above this level until 12 p.m. on Saturday.

Yamuna on 205.48 m danger mark

Earlier, the Delhi government had lifted restrictions on vehicle entry into the city after the Yamuna's water level dropped below the 205.33-meter danger mark. However, the recent rise in the water level requires renewed alertness and precautionary measures.

Increased discharge from the Hathni Kund Dam in Haryana, coupled with heavy rainfall in upper catchment areas, particularly in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, contributes to the rise in the Yamuna water level. In July, the Hathni Kund Dam's discharge reached 360,000 cusecs, and officials recorded it at 29,973 cusecs on Friday.

Recent flooding and already saturated shallow aquifers along the river are expected to increase the urgency of the situation, resulting in a faster flow of water. In the early hours of the morning, several areas in the Yamuna Valley experienced heavy rain, downpours and flash floods, exacerbating concerns.

Yamuna floods: Discharge reaches 2.5 lakh cusecs

Authorities are actively monitoring water levels and are urging residents in low-lying areas to be careful and prepared. Officials will continuously update the flood watch as the situation develops.

Later in the day, the situation worsened as the river discharges at Hathni Kund Barrage escalated to 2.5 lakh cusecs. At 1:00 pm, officials recorded the discharge at 2,41,513 cusecs, while at 2:00 pm, it surged further to 2,51,987 cusecs. The escalating water levels have severely impacted various regions in the Yamuna valley, with heavy rains, downpours, and flash floods wreaking havoc during the early morning hours.

The IMD forecasts light to moderate rain with isolated heavy showers in parts of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh through July 24. Low to moderate flash flood risk is also forecast for certain districts of Himachal Pradesh.

Rising water levels in the Yamuna may make it more difficult for flood-affected residents in low-lying Delhi to rehabilitate, potentially prolonging their stay in relief camps. The flooding of a pumping station in Wazirabad affected water treatment plants responsible for 25% of Delhi's water supply, thus potentially impacting the water supply in the national capital, which had just returned to normal.

Stay tuned for further updates on the Yamuna river water levels and the evolving flood situation in Delhi.

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