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Landslide Near Keelung's Chaojing Park Buries Vehicles, Injures Four

Emergency responders in Keelung worked late Monday after a landslide near Chaojing Park buried vehicles and injured four people. No one was trapped. The landslide, caused by earthquakes and rain, buried nine vehicles. Clearing debris will take over a week

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Landslide Near Keelung's Chaojing Park Buries Vehicles, Injures Four

Photo credit: Keelung Fire Bureau via CNA

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Emergency responders worked late into Monday night after a landslide near Keelung's Chaojing Park buried vehicles and left four people injured.

Local authorities confirmed that everyone was accounted for, and no one was trapped in the site strewn with boulders and debris from a collapsed hill.

The landslide occurred around 2:30 p.m. on Beining Road adjacent to Chaojing Park, burying nine vehicles, trucks, and scooters.

Highway Bureau officials stated that the landslide was likely caused by recent earthquakes in Hualien County and rainfall saturation. They estimated that work crews would need more than a week to clear the debris and reopen the road.

At Chaojing Park, the landslide was recorded by vehicle camcorders from multiple angles. The footage showed trees collapsing among earth and rock debris, followed by large boulders falling and covering a section of the road, pushing vehicles aside.

Two 40s drivers were trapped when the landslide hit their cars. Pedestrians and firefighters extricated them. Both were conscious and taken to the hospital, but not in critical condition.

Driver Teng and his wife sustained minor injuries while parked in a lot enjoying the seashore. Teng recounted, "At first, we noticed pebbles falling from the hill, but didn't think it would be serious... Then, a few minutes later, we heard very loud banging, and were very frightened, as our car got pushed by the falling rocks and debris."

He said, "The car's rear got smashed, and the doors were jammed... so we were scared about being trapped inside. Luckily, some pedestrians in the area came over and got us out."

The landslide incident has caused significant disruption to traffic in the area, and authorities are working to clear the debris and restore normal operations as soon as possible.