Covid-19: India’s Recovery Rate falls down to 62.86%

India’s Covid recovery rate has been one of the best in the world. However, in the past 6 days, the recovery rate has seen a downfall. Earlier, the country’s recovery rate stood at 63.01%. But now, due to constant spike in fresh cases, the recovery rate has dropped down to 62.86%.

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On Sunday, there was a record spike of 23, 672 patients recovering from the disease. Therefore, the total number of recovered cases had surpassed active cases by 3, 04, 043.

“The total number of recovered cases is 6, 77,422. The recovery rate as of now is at 62.86 per cent”, the Union Health Ministry said on Sunday.

However, in the past 6 days, the country saw a constant rise in daily cases. The last week has been the deadliest of all as almost 2.38 lakh cases were reported during this time. This means 21% of the total cases in the country were reported in the last week.

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A total of 88, 000 cases were added to the active cases. As a result, the cumulative count of cases for the last week was 31% higher than that of its previous week. Of the total, maximum cases came from Maharashtra, followed by Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Further, on Monday morning, a record spike of 40, 415 cases were reported. This is the highest single-day jump. As a result, the total number of Covid cases in India now stands at 11, 18, 043.

Fatality Rate in India

The Health Ministry on Sunday reported that the fatality rate has seen a sharp decline. The fatality rate refers to the number of deaths due to a disease. In India, the fatality rate at present is 2.49%. “India’s Covid fatality rate is progressively falling”, said the Union Health Ministry on Sunday. It further lauded the hospitals and doctors for working day and night towards the crisis.

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As of Sunday, 1, 37, 91, 869 samples had been tested in the country. Therefore, the test per million (TPM) for India, stood at 9994.1.

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