“Drink Cow Urine to Fight Corona”: Bengal BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh

In a ‘Chai Pe Charcha’ event at Durgapur, West Bengal BJP Chief, Dilip Ghosh claimed that drinking cow urine will help fight corona virus. As soon as his video surfaced on social media, Ghosh was heavily criticised for his remarks. Doctors fear that such unscientific claims might lead to more health complications.

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In the video we see Ghosh advocating the use of ayurvedic medicine against Covid-19. He then goes on to claim that Cow Urine gives immunity. And therefore, people should drink it in order to keep themselves safe from Corona.

“If I talk about cows, people fall sick. I tell them, a donkey will not understand the worth of a cow. This is India, the land of Lord Krishna and here Cows are God, we worship. We will have cow urine to stay healthy. Take ayurvedic medicine and don’t worry”, Ghosh said at the event.

In a report by Times Now, Dr Faud Halim, a doctor and CPIM leader, attacked Ghosh for his remarks. “BJP is using religion to convince people that their right to health can be supplanted by home remedies. It’s a classic example of distraction to the fact that government of India has failed miserably in combating the pandemic and in giving treatment to the people”, Dr Halim said.

This is not the first time when Ghosh has made such unscientific claims. Back in March, while addressing the importance of cow urine, Ghosh had said that ‘People in our country have been drinking cow urine and they have been fit and fine’. Similarly, in November, 2019, Ghosh had claimed that Desi (Native) Cow Milk has ‘Gold’ in it and that is why the colour of their milk is slightly yellow.

Fake Claims in times of a Pandemic

Fighting fake claims and news in times of a serious disease has affected our country a lot. Thousands of post and forward messages on social media giving advises on treating corona, have turned out to be fake.

In March, when PM Modi asked the country to clap for the doctors, various theories emerged on social media following the order. All of them claimed that clapping would create vibrations that would kill corona virus. However, they turned out to be fake.

Similarly, there are no scientific claims behind the cow urine remarks made by Dilip Ghosh.

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Written By Shiwangi, She is doing her Masters in Mass Communication from GGS IP University, New Delhi.

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