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Why students protesting at lovely professional university?

Why students protesting at lovely professional university?

A student at the Lovely Professional University (LPU) in Punjab has committed suicide, sparking massive student protests across the university campus. However, the police have claimed that the student died for personal reasons.

Agni S Dilip, 21, from Kerala, who was studying design at university, was dealing with “personal issues”, police said, referring to a suicide note.

“A first-year student of B. Design at LPU has died by suicide on Tuesday afternoon. DSP Phagwara stated that prima facie the student was having some personal issues, as has been suggested by the note left by them,” the police in Kapurthala tweeted.

After the students received the information, they called a large protest against the university authorities stating that this is the second reported suicide on campus in the last 10 days and that the administration has not taken any action.

DSP Phagwara reported that “a student had committed suicide at 5:30 pm at Lovely University. Soon after, the police sealed the room and a suicide note was also recovered from there. The student died for various reasons which were personal. The family members of the deceased student have been informed and will arrive here soon. Any action taken by the police will be reported. I call on the students to keep the peace.”

“We have managed the situation after some time as students were sent to their rooms. We also informed the parents of the deceased and they were expected to reach today and we shall proceed further according to their statement,” said Phagwara superintendent of police Mukhtiar Rai.

LPU releases statement

Following the massive protest carried out by the students, Lovely Vocational University has now released a statement.

“LPU is saddened by the unfortunate incident. The initial investigation by the police and the contents of the suicide note point toward the personal issues of the deceased. The university is providing full support to the authorities for further investigation.

Lovely professional university

The University mourns the loss of the student and expresses its condolences to the bereaved family”, LPU stated.


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