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Home » Why is Trump lawyer Christina Bobb getting trolled on Twitter?

Why is Trump lawyer Christina Bobb getting trolled on Twitter?

Why is Trump lawyer Christina Bobb getting trolled on Twitter?

Donald Trump’s lawyer Christina Bobb insinuates fraud if election results aren’t in their favour. Speaking to the conservative Right Side Broadcasting Network in Vandalia Ohio, Bobb said that it will look suspicious. What IS suspicious is her clear disregard or ignorance of individual state laws which outline different times & rules for counting absentee ballots.

Bobb previews that MAGAs will try to declare victory as votes are being counted: “There should absolutely be a result no later than the middle of the night, early Wednesday morning. I think those areas that don’t have a result, it’s gonna look very suspicious”.

In the ensuing years, I have never seen anything like 2020, it goes without saying because nobody has. And as nuts as 2020 was, I think 2022 may possibly do it one better.

“They’re playing their cards very differently,” Bobb said of Lake and DeSantis. She then criticized the latter for not declaring his allegiance to Trump, who she said is the unequivocal leader of the GOP:


Another user said “Does elevating this right-wing propaganda help anyone? It’s like, all these people are in on the game. Someone lies, and you know they’re lying and they know you know, yet they will still blindly insist they’re telling the truth. It’s very cringy.”

Another user “It’s a tricky balance. I think one would have to be living in a hole to not know about the red mirage and that the GOP plans to weaponize it just as they did in 2020. Meanwhile, these platforms and their beneficiaries (mainly Trump) rely on liberal outrage to spread their lies.”

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