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Mental Health: 24x7 accepting hatred and negativity, How's that gonna work?

'Mental health', We don't talk about it often, because people around us think that mental health issue means the person is gone mad.

By Ground Report
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mental health in India

Opinion | Prakrati Jain, Bhopal | 'Mental health', heard that word before? Of course, you did. It is not new but a taboo in our society. We don't talk about it often, because people around us think that mental health issue means the person is gone mad.

The nationwide lockdown due to the pandemic had set us free from the usual hustle and bustle of life and when the WHO said to boost immunity to militate against the virus, everybody either health-conscious or not started taking care of themselves. I meticulously remember the kadha drinking, taking multiple ayurvedic supplements, taking steam twice a day, and what not to be healthy.

Hmmm, to be healthy, and what does healthy means?. It means both physical and mental well-being. Well, none cared about mental wellness.

COVID-19 Lockdowns

We all know humans are social creatures but felt that during those turbulent times. When social connections were broken. Weren't able to meet friends and family. Stuck at a particular place and living a monotonous routine, hearing all negativity around the globe made everyone feel depressed at a certain time.

You might not have lost your loved one but felt that suffering, might not have lost your job but felt that insecurity. All those feelings weren't the side effects of covid but a result of ignorance of mental health.

Study shows that 8 hours of sleep, healthy food, and a daily workout is a must for a healthy body, and what about the mind?
Working 24 hours ever since our birth, accepting hatred, negativity, jealousy, sorrow, etc with no workout. How's that gonna work?
Your mind is the master of your physical health. The subconscious mind never sleeps it regulates the repair and improves your body. Its kind of queer mind works for us and we haven't tried considering its health.

Well, thanks to these lockdowns people became conscious about mental health, and the taboo was broken. Mind and body work hand in hand and mental health is indispensable.

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