Why is ‘Spite Gate’ trending on Twitter?

‘Spite Gate’ Trend: If you are on Twitter, you find Harry Styles everywhere. This is happening primarily for two reasons. First, his latest film ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ premiered at the 79th Venice Film Festival. Second, during the premiere, Harry Styles might have ‘spate’ on Chris Pine. I don’t know if that’s exactly what fans are trying to deduce. That never controversy has taken a shape of investigation.

See it for yourself, and make a judgment!

In the video, the singer-actor can be seen approaching his seat besides actor Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde.

While approaching his seat, Harry Styles for split second it did seem like he did do something through his lips.

To make everything clear, there was Chris Pine facial expression. He clearly seemed surprised on what happened.

Although, amidst all this Harry Styles was unaware of what has transpired.

Was it intentional, doesn’t seem so. But, it clearly made actor Chris Pine uncomfortable.

Watch the video in the thread, and figure out for yourself if Harry Styles spate on Chris Pine or not.

Harry Styles fans defend him

If someone sees the video at first glance, it might seem like Harry Styles did spite on the actor. But, here is the twist. Harry Styles are quick to defend him. Some are saying there is ‘tension’ between the two Hollywood actors, and that is reflected in the mentioned video.

According to another fan, as Harry Styles was sitting on the chair, Chris Pine found his sunglasses between his the chair. The reaction is on the realization that the sunglasses were right there all the time.

What an investigation by fans on social media.

All in all, this is why ‘#SpiteGate’ is trending on social media.

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