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Why is my MacBook Hot? 7 ways to lower the temperature of your Mac

Why Is my MacBook Hot

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why is my MacBook Hot; Although it is not very common, it is possible that your Mac gets too hot and this could damage an important element of your computer and may even render it completely unusable. To try to solve this, here you will find X very simple ways to lower the temperature of your Mac that will surely help you solve the problem.

From very basic things like thinking about where you have your computer since it can be a very hot area of ​​the house, to some that require something more on your part, like keeping an eye on the processes that eat up the CPU.


Why Is MacBook Hot

  1. Update the equipment

It is essential that your Mac is updated to the latest version possible to avoid any type of computer overheating. System updates routinely correct specific failures that can affect performance or even raise the temperature of your machine. This is frankly simple. Simply click on the Apple Icon in the upper left corner of your screen and here click on About this Mac and then click on the Software Update button.

If there is something new, it will appear on the screen and you just have to follow the process.

  1. Use an official charger

Using unofficial chargers causes great risks to the proper functioning of your equipment. Keep in mind that if they are not approved by Apple or have a different amperage, this can take a toll on the battery and as you can imagine, raise the temperature of your Mac to unhealthy levels.

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  1. Know where you are going to use your Mac

If it’s an iMac, be sure to place it in the coolest room in the house. In summer it is much more complicated, but the temperature of the room must be between 10 and 35º. In the case of a laptop, it is very common to use a cushion or use it on the bed, but this can cause your Mac to overheat since it is not an optimal surface. It is essential that to maintain the temperature at stable levels it has a totally optimal air outlet.

Watch out for processes that eat up the CPU

If you are not performing any demanding task for the computer, it is possible that you have many background processes that eat the memory of the computer and therefore make it overheat. To try to reduce the number of open processes and therefore the number of resources your Mac consumes, simply access this area and eliminate the elevated processes, open Spotlight with the Command + Space combination and type Activity Monitor.

Here you just have to keep in mind that the only important process that you should not delete is kernel_task. Otherwise, you can second click on the item you want and force it out.

Reset the SMC

If you see your computer’s fans turn on when your Mac reaches a high temperature, you may need to reset the SMC, which handles battery management, ventilation, and other internal systems. The process is very simple, although it varies depending on the team.

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On MacBook, press and hold Control + Option + Shift for 7 seconds and after that time, add the power button for another 7 seconds. Now turn on the computer. In iMac, you will only have to unplug the power cable, wait about 15 seconds before reconnecting it, and add an extra 5 seconds before starting it again. (Why Is MacBook Hot)

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  1. Format your computer

If you see that the temperature problem on your Mac is still not solved, the extreme step is to format the computer. To do this, you must access the Disk Utility function that you can access via Spotlight and click Format.

  1. Contact Apple

If none of these ways has helped you to solve the high temperature of your Mac, the only solution that you have left to lower the temperature of your Mac is to contact Apple, since it seems that it is a much more serious problem.

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