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Why Instagram Is My Favorite Social Media Platform?

Why Instagram Is My

Here are the many reasons why Instagram is my favorite social media platform…

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Instagram Is My Favorite; What do I scroll through just before bed? Instagram. Where’s the first place I think of to share my little snaps of everyday life? Instagram. What do I use to nosey into other people’s lives? No not Facebook… yes you’ve guessed it. Instagram.

So, Here some reason why Instagram is my favorite:

On a high level, I love Instagram because:

  • I enjoy taking and looking at pictures.
  • I love the platform’s simplicity. It’s not a difficult platform to understand or use, and it has a very basic layout.
  • I’m a fan of any platform that lets you control what you would like to see. I enjoy to one side social platforms (Instagram, Twitter) much more than symmetrical ones (Facebook), where in order for someone to follow you, you have to follow them too.
  • Instagram’s search and display functions continue to improve with every update. If I want to see pictures of my favorite celebrities so easily I can, and if I want to look for pictures of German shepherd puppies I can easily do that too!
  • It’s more private. When I get tagged in or like a photo on Instagram it will not show up on my relatives feed.

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However, the most important reason I love Instagram is because it offers the highest quality content out of any social network. Regardless of the account, everything about the application makes it less commercialized and more focused on the content. Part of the posting process itself requires taking time to edit your photo to perfection! And not only is the content of a higher quality, but many accounts don’t post more than a few times a week. Instagram is the only network where I can actually get “caught up” on my feed. Given the fact that I follow nearly 200 accounts, I think that’s pretty impressive.

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I’m definitely not alone in my love for Instagram: There are 300 millions active Instagram users, a growing number. Every second, 2,100 images are posted on Instagram, averaging 180 million uploads each day.  Here’s the most important statistic I’m going to throw at you: 73% of Instagrammers are between 15 and 35 years old.

So, guys what’s your favorite social media platform??

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