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Why Indonesia scrapped currency with Ganesha Picture?

Why Indonesia scrapped currency with Ganesha Picture?

Indonesia is a country where 87.5% of the population are Muslims and 3% are Hindus. So here is An interesting story, Lord Ganesha’s image is engraved on the note alongside an inscription by Ki Hajar Dewantara, a noted Indonesian independence activist.

However, this series of 20,000 Indonesian rupiah (IDR) notes, with an image of Lord Ganesh, was withdrawn from circulation in 2008.

These banknotes had an image of Lord Ganesha as part of their design. Citing this, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal suggested improving India’s economy: divine intervention. He said batted for printing the images of deities associated with prosperity – Lakshmi and Ganesha – on Indian currency notes.

Indonesia currency Ganesha Picture

The Delhi chief minister said that “Indonesia, which is a Muslim-majority country, prints banknotes with the image of Lord Ganesha.” “If Indonesia can do this, why can’t we? Nobody should have any objections.”

But this note was Demonetised

This series of 20,000 Indonesian rupiah (IDR) banknotes, featuring an image of Lord Ganesh, was introduced on January 23, 1998, according to a 2018 Bank Indonesia working paper.

It featured Ki Hadjar Dewantara, a historical national figure who was an advocate for mainstream education and who served as Indonesia’s Minister of Education. Next to Dewantara was an image of Lord Ganesha, which also served as a security feature on the note.

The validity of this series of IDR 20,000 banknotes lasted ten years when it was demonetized on December 31, 2008.

According to the statement, the national banks in November 2008 announced the demonization of these notes here. The banknote was demonetized along with three other series of banknotes (IDR 10,000 issued in 1998, IDR 50,000 issued in 1999, and IDR 100,000 issued in 1999).

“Due to the revocation and withdrawal of the money from circulation as of December 31, 2008, the four bills are no longer applicable as valid legal tender.”

The release also states that the demonetization of these notes was a routine exercise rather than security and longevity of circulation. “Bank Indonesia periodically revokes and withdraws rupee banknotes in consideration of the circulation period and the development of money’s security features,” S. Budi Rochaddi, deputy governor of monetary circulation, said in the statement.

Now at present, IDR 20,000 notes do not have the image of Lord Ganesha on them.

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