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Video: Flash floods often don’t come with much of a warning

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On Twitter, Leon Simons shared a video of a flash flood in a river in Oman. Leon works in the field of environmental awareness. In this video, people are standing on the bank of a calm-looking river and taking photos. After a few minutes, the water level of the river suddenly starts rising, a high wave can be seen coming from afar.

Some people show understanding and move away from the river but some people do not understand and stand there. Suddenly, the water level of the river rises so much that a person standing on the bank goes on flowing in it.

Through this video, Leon wants to tell that people should always be alert around rivers, as there is a possibility of flooding at any time.

In many places where there are dams in the rivers, people are told by the government by playing hooter or through the regular announcements that water is being released from the dam, and moving away from the rivers. Because when the water is released from the dam, suddenly the calm-looking river takes a formidable form.

People in hilly areas are used to this routine, they stay away from rivers after 5 pm. But often the tourists who go to these areas are unaware of this. We have seen frequent flash floods in rivers in India in states like Uttarakhand and Himachal.

What are the reasons for the occurrence of flash floods?

  • The first reason is the sudden release of water from the dam into the river. This creates all-weather flash flood conditions.
  • Flash floods can occur at any time during the rainy season, the reason being, that due to excessive rain, the absorption capacity of the soil decreases.
  • Breaking up of small lakes formed in the river or in the mountain.
  • The sudden break of the glacier.
  • Breakdown of blockages caused by debris in the river.
  • More rain in less time and cloudbursts.

How to Avoid Flash Floods?

Always be alert whenever you go near the river. Keep an eye on the flow of the river. If you see the water level rising even a little, then get away from the river.

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