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Why did PM Modi remain silent on Danish’s death?

Why did PM Modi

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why did PM Modi; The silence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the death of Danish Siddiqui is disappointing. Condemning the incident, the information and broadcasting minister’s tweet and the foreign secretary’s statement have come out from the government. Yet, how did the prime minister, who was the first to tweet on every important event, remain silent on the Danish case?

Karan Thapar has written in Hindustan Times that of course, it is the prime minister’s prerogative that when on which incident he should speak or remain silent, but we should also not forget that he is the prime minister of the country. After the assassination of Danish Siddiqui in Afghanistan, the President of Afghanistan and the Secretary-General of the UN immediately condemned it. Newspapers all over the world covered this incident prominently.

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Why did PM Modi

Danish was a recipient of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 2018. He brought their pictures to the world by living among the Rohingyas. The authors also remind that Danish will also be remembered due to photographs highlighting the death in the second wave of Corona. 

The author asks the question that if Danish had photographed Holi Milan, the Banaras aarti or the sunset at Kanyakumari, would the Prime Minister have tweeted for him? His party’s people, supporters may raise questions but crores of people are with Danish. Shouldn’t they be worried?

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 Another question being asked is whether the Prime Minister is silent because Danish was a Muslim? The author asks that if the Pulitzer winner had been Devendra Sharma and had been killed by the Taliban, would the BJP have overlooked such a death?

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Remember Siddiqui was no ordinary photojournalist. He won the coveted Pulitzer in 2018. His investigative images of the Rohingya suffering in refugee camps in Bangladesh or the horrific devastation of the second Covid-19 wave in India translated dry stories into vivid and unforgettable pictures. His work made the written word real.

Each one of you will answer these questions of his own free will, but from the way I have asked him, you know about me. And so I am sad and upset. It is not Modi’s silence that is disturbing. But it is disturbing that our PM had nothing to say.

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