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Covid group to govt: Don't let daily count cross 50,000

Covid group to govt; If the next wave of corona comes, then be ready to deal with four to five lakh cases every day. The experts have

By Ground report
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Covid group to govt

Ground Report | New Delhi: Covid group to govt; If the next wave of corona comes, then be ready to deal with four to five lakh cases every day. The experts have warned the government that in the peak of the next wave in India, be prepared for 4-5 lakh cases daily. The officials preparing the Covid emergency strategy in the country have warned that steps will have to be taken from now to ensure that the coming wave is not uncontrolled. 

Officials say that meaningful steps should be taken to ensure that the daily cases of corona do not cross 50 thousand in any case. According to the news of Sunday Express, this is very important to say by those who set the emergency strategy. This is effectively a reminder to set a benchmark for the entire system.

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Obviously, a campaign is being run across the country regarding the corona vaccine. But these officials of the Covid emergency say that the cases coming every day should not be allowed to cross 50 thousand. For this it is very important that people wear masks, follow the rules of hygiene and distance and follow the conditions of lockdown. (Covid group to govt)

The outbreak of the second wave of corona in the country has calmed down. Since June 25, there has been a decrease in the daily corona cases in the country and the daily infection cases have been less than 50 thousand.

On Saturday, more than 39 thousand corona cases were reported in the country in the last 24 hours. Experts say that the level of 50,000 does not affect the system much.

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However, to meet the peak of 4-5 lakh per day in the future surge, sources said the Empowered Group-1, headed by NITI Aayog member VK Paul, has recommended 2 lakh ICU beds - which includes 1.2 lakh ventilated ICU beds; 5 lakh oxygen-enabled beds and 10 lakh COVID isolation care beds by September 2021.

In fact, this means an additional 80,000 ICU beds and about 1 lakh more oxygen-capable non-ICU beds given the current availability, the sources said. Sources said the current number of ICU beds is enough to meet the growth of only 2.7 lakh new cases per day.

The group has proposed that 5% of ICU beds and 4% of non-ICU oxygen beds be earmarked for pediatric care, in the wake of fears that the next wave could affect children as well.

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