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ABP News reporter Rakshit Singh says “not allowed to report truth”

Rakshit Singh, who was a senior reporter with ABP News, announced his resignation from his job in the middle of Kisan Mahapanchayat in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

A video of Rakshit, in which he is giving the reason for resigning, was quite viral on social media. However, within a few minutes of this video, many fake accounts were created on Twitter in the name of Rakshit and an attempt was made to garner followers through tweets.

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Rakshit Singh about his original Twitter account and it was found that many fake accounts were being tweeted in his name. He has also told this through a video on his original Twitter handle.

“I don’t want this job. I wanted to work because I wanted to speak the truth. And I wasn’t allowed to do it,” said Rakshit Singh, who covered banking and finance for the channel

On February 27, Rakshit Singh, who worked with ABP News as a senior reporter, announced his resignation amidst a stuffy peasant mahapanchayat in Meerut. In a video clip viral on social media, you can see that with a mic in his hand, he says, ‘Today I will kick you to such a job’.

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After the viral video of Rakshit, the tweet was posted on a Twitter handle in the same name, ‘My journey with @ ABPNews was just here. Thank you to all colleagues.

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Rakshit also told us that his colleagues have brought fake Twitter handles to his notice, due to which he has told the truth of the Twitter handle to the people through a video message.

We reconstructed the handle @rakshitdeepak told by Rakshit. We also got a video message tweeted by him.

In this video, Rakshit is wearing the same pink shirt that was worn in the viral video of the Mahapanchayat. Both videos are of February 27.

An ABP Network spokesperson said: “We at ABP Network believe in the highest degree of ethical journalism and have strict policies in place whereby our reporters have the mandate to ensure and maintain due impartiality, independence, fairness and strict adherence and compliance to the law of land, journalism ethics and editorial principles.

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Also, fact-based reporting has always been central to our editorial policy. We are shocked and saddened to see that one of our reporters has misused our brand and has made false remarks and statements to fulfill personal motives.

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