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WHO’s warning on mixing and matching Covid vaccine

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Ground Report | New Delhi: WHO’s warning; World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan has warned against mixing and matching different Covid Vaccines. Swaminathan said that this is a dangerous trend and there is a paucity of data on its impact on health.

WHO’s warning

According to a Reuters report, in an online briefing, Swaminathan said, “There are people who are thinking about mix and match. We get a lot of questions from people who say that they have taken one dose, and the other dose.”

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Thinking of taking a different vaccine. This is a dangerous trend. Right now we are in a data-free, evidence-free zone with regard to mix and match. Swaminathan further said that if citizens start deciding when and who will take the second, third, and fourth doses, it will be a chaotic situation. (WHO’s warning)

Angela Merkel got different vaccines

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has administered different doses of the Covid vaccine. Merkel had administered the first vaccine Oxford-AstraZeneca in April, while in June last month, she took the second dose of the Moderna vaccine.

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According to a BBC report, Thailand has also decided to mix the vaccine after the cases of coronavirus increased. Thailand has changed its vaccine policy and now China’s Cyanovac and AstraZeneca vaccines will be mixed.

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This decision was taken after people got infected with Covid even after both doses of the Cyanovac vaccine. Now people will be given the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine after the first dose of Cynovac.

Most vaccines, including America’s Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Britain’s Oxford-AstraZeneca, China’s Cynovac, India’s Covaccine, Russia’s Sputnik V, are given in two doses. There are different guidelines regarding the interval of all vaccines.

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