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Who is sub-inspector Arun Kumar, who complained against Mohammed Zubair?

sub-inspector Arun Kumar; The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested the co-founder of Alt News journalist Mohammed Zubair.

By Ground report
New Update
Mohammed Zubair granted interim bail by Supreme Court

The Special Cell of Delhi Police has arrested the co-founder of Alt News journalist Mohammed Zubair. Mohammed Zubair is accused of hurting religious sentiments and spreading hatred.

Journalist Mohammed Zubair made headlines after sharing a video clip of former BJP leader Nupur Sharma in which Nupur Sharma made objectionable remarks on the Prophet Muhammad.

The police filed a new case against him and recorded his arrest. The arrest has been registered by the special cell station IFSO (Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations) of the Delhi Police, which deals with cyber crimes, including those against women and children. TNM has learned that you have been arrested under section 153 (deliberate provocation with the intent to cause a disturbance) and section 295A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any kind by insulting your religion or religious beliefs).

Who is sub-inspector Arun Kumar

According to the Indian Express, the complainant in the case is Sub-Inspector Arun Kumar, who works with the Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations (IFSO) Cell which operates under the Special Cell and handles cybercrime cases and cyber forensics. The FIR was registered on June 20 under Sections 153-A (promoting enmity between different groups) and 295-A (malicious acts, aimed at outraging religious sentiments) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) after a complaint from Kumar.

Kumar was on duty as an emergency duty officer for the social media monitoring cell and came across a tweet from a Twitter user, Hanuman Bhakt @balajikijaiiin, the FIR stated.

“Today, I was present at the IFSO (Intelligence Fusion and Strategic Operations) unit of Delhi Police, Dwarka as an emergency officer, and while monitoring social media, I noticed that a Twitter handle, Hanuman Bhakt, shared a tweet against another Twitter handle: Mohammed Zubair @zoo_bear in which Mohammed Zubair tweeted 'before 2014: Honeymoon Hotel, after 2014: Hanuman Hotel… and has shown a picture of a sign of a hotel, "honeymoon hotel changed to Hanuman hotel," Kumar stated in his complaint.

Kumar further stated: “Bhakt @balajikijaiiin tweeted that linking our God Hanuman ji with honeymoon is a direct insult to Hindus because he is brahmachari. Kindly take action against this guy."

Kumar also asked that the investigation of the case be flagged and that the FIR not be uploaded to his website as it was "sensitive" in nature.

Who is Mohammed Zubair

Mohammed Zubair is the co-founder of Alt News, an Indian fact-finding website co-founded by former software engineer Pratik Sinha, a trained physicist, lawyer and human rights activist. Zubair and Sinha founded the Alt News website on February 9, 2017, to counter the trend of fake news. The Alt News team has also written a book, India Miss Informed: The True Story, published by HarperCollins and released in March 2019.

The fact-checker has been criticized by Hindu citizens for making hate speeches by Yeti Narsingh Nand, Mahant Bajrang Mani and Anand Swaroop.

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