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Who is Smita Prakash whom PM Modi gives every important interview?

Kapil Sibal responded to ANI editor Smita Prakash's assertion that the Congress manifesto includes provisions for property distribution. Sibal, a Rajya Sabha MP, discussed manifesto objectively during an episode of program "Podcast with Smita Prakash."

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Who is Smita Prakash whom PM Modi gives every important interview?

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On January 01, 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi captivated the nation with his impactful interview. However, it was not only Modi who left a lasting impression on the people’s minds, but also a journalist from the news agency ANI, who conducted an engaging and thought-provoking 1.5-hour long interview with him.

As soon as the Prime Minister's interview aired on various news channels and websites, people were also curious to know about the woman journalist who took the interview. Because in this era of star anchoring of TV news channels, people are getting less exposed than this face nowadays. However, this person, who surrounded Modi with questions for about one and a half hours, is also a well-known personality in the journalism world.

Who is Smita Prakash?

She was born in an Indian Family on December 02, 1971, in New Delhi, India. Smita is 52 years old. Smita Prakash, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, joined ANI in 1986 as a trainee and was later inducted as a full-time employee.

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The daughter of Inna Rammohan Rao, former director of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, she married Prem's son Sanjeev in 1988, furthering ANI's reach within the government. In 1993, Reuters bought a stake in ANI and was allowed to exercise a complete monopoly on its India feed.

Smita Prakash has been active in the field of journalism for almost two decades. During this time she has reported many news stories from India for NPR News America, NHK Japan and many other foreign broadcasters.

Apart from various developments in India, Smita Prakash has reported on elections, political developments, disasters, international events and much breaking news here. Including many of the world's most dangerous conflicts and devastating events.

Smita Prakash has anchored many news and current affairs programs. In which Rotating Mirror on Zee TV and Newsmakers on Doordarshan have been very popular TV programs. The longest-running show on television in South Africa "This Week in India" was Smita Prakash's very popular TV show.

Smita Prakash has had the privilege of interviewing many of the world's top leaders and interesting personalities along with coverage of major events during her career.


Quick wiki/bio

Name Smita Prakash
Nickname Smita
Gender Female
Date Of Birth December 2, 1971.
Day Wednesday
Age 52 Years Old
Place Of Birth New Delhi (India)
Hometown New Delhi (India)
Nationality Indian
Ethnicity Unknown
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius.
High School Unavailable
University University of Dehli
Credentials Graduate in Journalism
Smita Prakash Husband, Interview with Modi, Wiki, Wikipedia

The Environmental Leadership Award was awarded to her by the United Nations. Now, they expect the nation to enhance its waste management practices. The national news networks aired the interview. They distributed it on national news networks.

A well-known Editor and New Reporter for the ANI News Channel is she. She worked as a correspondent for NPR News America, NHK Japan, and other international broadcasters, covering Indian-region news. They covered elections, natural disasters, international and political events, and other startling news. Additionally, Smita broadcasted Ghootima Aina on Zee TV and Newsmakers on Doordarshan.

Kapil Sibal alleges 'democracy is under threat'

Kapil Sibal responded to ANI editor Smita Prakash's assertion that the Congress manifesto includes provisions for property distribution. Sibal, a Rajya Sabha MP, discussed the manifesto objectively during an episode of the program "Podcast with Smita Prakash." During the program, Smita claimed that the Congress manifesto addresses asset distribution.

Sibal promptly challenged her to show and read the specific section. Smita then clarified that this was an interpretation by Patrika. Sibal pointed out the inconsistency in her statement, noting that Article 39 of the Constitution is included in the Congress manifesto and questioned what was wrong with that. Smita argued that the interpretation differed.

Meanwhile, Sibal criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making statements that are far from reality. When Smita mentioned that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had stated that Muslims have the first right to the country's resources, Sibal, who was part of Singh's cabinet, insisted on an objective discussion, clarifying that there is a difference between reservation and resources.

In the interview, Sibal also clarified that the Ram temple would not be a campaign issue in this election. He mentioned that he had stated during the inauguration that the Ram Mandir would not be an election campaign issue this time, questioning how long the topic could be prolonged with repetitive mentions of "Mandir, Mandir."

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