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Home » Who is Rhea Bullos, How she won 3 race with just Bandages on Feet

Who is Rhea Bullos, How she won 3 race with just Bandages on Feet

Who is Rhea Bullos, How she won 3 race with just Bandages on Feet

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Rhea Bullos; Rhea Bullos is an 11-year-old Philippines girl who earned the world’s applause by winning three gold medals in a track and field competition despite running barefoot. The girl won three gold medals in the 400, 800, and 1500 meters, but had her feet bandaged with tape.

This young athlete won three gold medals in a competition in a competition without wearing shoes. Her feet were only covered only with bandages. All five toes were tightly taped, the instep and ankles as well. But the most striking thing is that it had a Nike logo drawn as if it were wearing sports shoes.

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Who is Rhea Bullos

A native of the small town of Balasan, Rhea managed to prevail in the 400, 800, and 1,500 meters tests of a school championships in the district of Iloilo, a Philippine city located on the island of Panay, where it is not uncommon to see children running without appropriate footwear, although This girl’s case was shocked by her obvious desire to wear real sneakers. Her images began to spread first in the Asian country and then crossed the borders. As a result, the SM City Iloilo shopping center invited her and her family to visit one of their stores and gave her a pair of slippers, socks, and a backpack.

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“Nike should study it … and pay the gold medalist girl for the new running shoe concept … well done young lady … and keep running …” commented one user.

“And yet the lack of shoes did not stop her. Go girl. We are all proud of you” commented another. After the post went viral, many users offered Bullos new shoes by asking Valenzuela for the girl’s shoe size.

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“I want to give you new shoes. You inspired a lot of people, especially the same age as yours. How can I get your contact every time I read this? Just pmme. Congratulations and may you continue with your goal and aim high, “commented one user.

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