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Who is Juhi Kore; graduated from Oxford University?

Juhi Kore graduated with an MPhil degree from St. Antony College, Oxford University. The degree was completed in Comparative Social Policy.

By Rajeev Tyagi
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Who is Juhi Kore Oxford University graduate

Maybe one day your great-grandchildren will talk about how that jump you made all those years ago changed everything for them, just like our great grandparents changed everything for us" 

Sheryl Sandberg

That’s exactly what the journey of Juhi Kore looks like. 

Juhi graduated with an MPhil degree from St. Antony College, Oxford University. The degree was completed in Comparative Social Policy. She also has bachelor's degree in Political Science with a concentration in World Affairs (International Relations) and minors in Leadership Studies & Urban Studies from The University of Tampa, in Florida. 

According to the information available, she is a student to remarkable character. At the age of 17, she came to US for her under-graduate studies. She immensely thanks her parents for trusting her, and sending her across the globe.

During her under-graduation, Juhi also received an honours study abroad scholarship to spend a term at Christ Church College at the University of Oxford. She immersed with the culture at University of Oxford that she wanted to study further there.


She mentions in her post about how overwhelming she feels about graduating from the University of Oxford. She narrates a story about her maternal grandfather who was denied education because of caste.

She said, her grandfather family feared of the discrimination he might face in school. The fears came true. Her grandfather was discriminated but he 'persevered'.

Juhi takes her grandfather's journey as learning about the importance of education. She feels sad that he couldn't see her in person at the graduation ceremony, as he passed away a year ago. But, the learnings remain.


Juhi’s TED Talk on why she believes social entrepreneurship should be the new norm. The TED Talk is fairly interesting and presents some social impact-driven ideas. Primarily, the point is that individuals and corporates should think outward, toward society, instead of inwards.


She published her first book in 2018, titled You Got This: How To Win At College. Check the book out. As per the description, the book aims to be a comprehensive guide for international students or first generation students, and how can they excel at college, or at least feel at home.

Internet appreciated her journey


Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Netflix movie ‘Serious Man’, mentions how it takes generations to bridge the gap of social difference, particularly caste or class discrimination. Here, it took almost two generations. The third generation is proud and poised in sharing their achievements and opinion. This is the grit which makes people do great things in life in themselves in particular, and then set an example for society as a whole.

But, we are far from being an egalitarian society in terms of education and other basic necessities. There is so much to do and achieve. And, this can be a great start to having intent and doing more.

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