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Why did climate activist Patrick Thelwell throw eggs at King Charles?

who is patrick thelwell a guy who threw eggs on king charles

These days protests of climate activists are constantly making headlines. Sometimes a cycle rally to stop private jets, and sometimes throwing paint or soup on a famous painting. This time Patrick Thelwell has done the work of throwing eggs at the consort of King Charles and Queen Camilla. Police have released Patrick Thelwell on bail on the condition of never carrying eggs in a public space and maintaining a distance of 500 m from the Royal family.

Let’s know who is Patrick Thelwell and why he threw eggs at King Charles.

About Patrick Thelwell

Patrick Thelwell threw eggs on King Charles

The man who threw eggs at King Charles has been identified as a 23-year-old student named Patrick Thelwell. Patrick studied politics and international relations at York University. It is being told that he is an Extinction Rebellion activist and a candidate of the Green Party from Hull Road ward of York city.

Earlier, Patrick had participated in the protest blocking London Bridge, which the then PM Boris Johnson called as unacceptable.

Thelwell writes about climate change in his blog, he id preparing for Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Global Development.

In the year 2019, Patrick contested the local election from Hull Road in York, he contested as a candidate of the Green Party.

In his policy proposal, Patrick wrote that he wanted to build an economy based on mutual aid, sustainability, and growing its own food. He wants York Council to reduce carbon emissions.

In his blog, he wrote about his vision

Patrick Thelwell's Climate Policy

“In the face of catastrophic climate breakdown, we need to adapt to a mode of living that prioritizes a sustainable relationship with nature.”

  • Local Democracy
  • Mutual Aid
  • permaculture food production
  • Earth Citizenship
  • A United People of Earth
  • Support the motion to declare a climate and biodiversity emergency – push the council to adopt policy changes that protect our local environment and reduce York’s carbon emissions
  • Support investment in public transport and a low emissions zone in the city center
  • Work across party lines in the best interests of York, holding the council to account for protecting our local environment and green spaces
  • I will also work with the Student Union Environment and Ethics Officers to push the university to go carbon neutral by 2025 and divest from fossil fuels

Thelwell has been president of the Gardening Society at York University. During his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Thelwell took part in the Key Protests.

North Yorkshire Police arrested 23-year-old Patrick Thelwell under Public Order Offense after throwing eggs at King Charles and released him on a promise not to carry eggs in public spaces and to stay 500 meters away from King Charles.

However, not a single egg touched King Charles thrown by Patrick. Patrick shouted the slogan that “this country is made of the blood of slaves”. Since this incident, Patrick has been receiving many death threats.

Patrick Thelwell says ” Use Royal Family assets in the fight against climate change”

Patrick told The Mirror after his release that the crowd was shouting angrily at him, saying that he should be killed on spot for this act. “People were spitting on me, pulling my hair. But I don’t care because I know fascism is like that.”

I do not believe in Borders Nation and State, I believe in people and democracy. People are suffering all over the world because the British Empire has destroyed them. The United Kingdom as a whole needs to be abolished, dissolved, and its assets are given as reparations to help the world and build resilience to the climate breakout that we have caused.

Similar Protests

Climate activists around the world are trying to attract people’s attention by protesting in different ways. Recently, many such incidents came to light in which an attempt was made to throw soup on famous paintings, throw paint, and block the path of private jets. Most of the youths are involved in all these Protests.

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