“When Will You Stop Crying Over A Small Affair?” Kangana Reacts After Hrithik Roshan Takes Legal Action

A case related to Actress Kangana Ranaut, filed by Actor Hrithik Roshan four years ago, has been transferred to the Crime Intelligence Unit, an officer of the Mumbai Crime Branch said on Monday.

Kangana Ranaut has tweeted on social media by tweeting on Hrithik Roshan. She tweeted, “His cry-washing story has started again. Many years have passed since our breakup and her divorce, but she is not ready to move forward. Not even willing to date a woman. I had just raised some expectations in my personal life that his drama started again. Hrithik Roshan, how long will you cry for a small affair? ‘ 

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has tweeted to actor Hrithik Roshan that he starts the same drama again when I have the courage to get some hope in my personal life. How long will you cry for a small affair?.

In the year 2016, Hrithik Roshan filed a case against actress Kangna after receiving more than 100 emails on his account. Along with this, he also denied having any kind of affair with Kangana. At the same time, the investigation of this case has started by CIU. 

In 2016 Hrithik Roshan filed an FIR against unknown people under Section 419 of Indian Penal Code and Section 66 (c) and 66 (d) of IT Actor at Cybercrime Police Station. At the same time, the police had also recorded the statement of Kangana and her sister in the fake e-mail case. Since then, the war between the two has started on legal and social media. Both of them do not allow a single opportunity to taunt each other on social media. 

Many emails were sent to Kangana from Hrithik Roshan’s e-mail. Kangana claimed that she was in a relationship with Hrithik Roshan and she has e-mailed him several times, but the actor refused to send all these e-mails. Hrithik Roshan had said that the ID with which e-mails have been sent to Kangana Ranaut is not his but a fraud person who is talking to Kangana using his name. After this, Hrithik Roshan filed a case to find out who is operating the ID from which Kangana was mailed to Ranaut. However, it was not yet known who did the mail.