When will PUBG Mobile India launch? Read all updates here

PUBG Mobile India Launch timeline: PUBG Mobile India is waiting impatiently. PUBG is about to return to India after the ban in September due to security reasons. The launch date of PUBG Mobile India has not been revealed yet. But since its launch announcement, updates related to it are constantly coming.

October 20: PUBG Corporation Recruitment for the post of Corporate Development Division Manager for Indian Region on LinkedIn.

November 7: Krafton Inc., a company owned by PubG Corporation. Announced that it is working with Microsoft-owned cloud computing service Azure to ensure the safety and security of users’ data.

November 12: PUBG Corporation made an official announcement regarding the launch of PUBG Mobile India in India.

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In the press release, the company also told about three major changes in this Indian version compared to the global version.

The company has said that the Indian version of PUBG will undergo changes like default cloth character, green hit effect and playtime limit.

November 14: PUBG Corporation made PUBG Mobile India website live. Also many teasers were also released. Famous PUBG Mobile personality Jonathan, Kronten and Dynamo are shown in the teaser.

November 21: PUBG Corporation registered the company as PUBG India Private Limited under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The address of the office of this company has been told in Bengaluru.

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The launch date has not come yet

The launch date of PUBG Mobile India is yet to come. Due to the constant updates, it was believed that this battle royal game will be introduced in India soon.

But the latest report says that it has not yet received approval from the government. In such a situation, there may be a long wait for PUBG Mobile India.

Ban was imposed on 2 September

PUBG Mobile was banned in the country on 2 September. The central government banned this battle royal game for security reasons.


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