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Whatsapp Business New features explained

A boon for small businessmen- WhatsApp Business has brought some of its new features. Meta proclaimed on Thursday, that WhatsApp for Business

By Sandhya Mehrotra
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A boon for small businessmen- WhatsApp Business has brought some of its new features. Meta proclaimed on Thursday, that WhatsApp for Business is opening up for all businesses and developers with the new easier-to-use cloud-hosted version of its API. Additionally, the new features introduced are beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses, including those operating as LLC, as it allows them to communicate seamlessly and efficiently with their customers.

The largest messaging platform will also come with "premium features" for the 50 million-odd users of its small business app which includes the ability to create a vanity URL for customers to reach out.

Whatsapp COO Matt Idema told, they have already the WhatsApp API available for larger businesses, but it’s been a complex process to get started with. You have to need someone to implement the software for you, host it for you and maintain the software for you which creates a lot of complexity and burden to get started.

The cloud-hosted version of the WhatsApp API removes all that complexity and you can get started within a few minutes.

Idema explained this new platform will help you to learn whether you are an individual developer, working on an entrepreneurial project of your own or a smaller company.

He added the new API means “partners can focus on building the tools and services that they want to deliver to customers on top of WhatsApp” and while WhatsApp can take the installation, maintenance and hosting of the API off their plate.

Features of Whatsapp Premium

Vanity URL- Subscribers of WhatsApp Premium will get the option to generate a custom link for their businesses. For example, if Ground Report has an official WhatsApp account, people can access Ground Report's account with the help of a unique URL. Users can change this business link once every 90 days.

Linked up to 10 devices- WhatsApp Premium feature will help small businesses to get multi-device capability allowing multiple phones to manage the same WhatsApp number. Whatsapp COO said this is a feature that a lot of small businesses have been asking us for a long time. Subscribers will be able to add up to 10 additional devices to their accounts.

Even before this, WhatsApp has worked towards making business conversations easier for merchants. COO Idema said We need to make sure we’re building systems to ensure that the experience of talking to a business remains high quality.
Along with this, the payment feature of WhatsApp also proved to be a boon for crores of businessmen.

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