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What's new iPhone 13 features?

What's new iPhone 13 features; US technology company Apple on Tuesday unveiled the iPhone 13 and the new iPad. The new model of iPhone is

By Ground report
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What's new iPhone 13 features

Ground Report | New Delhi: What's new iPhone 13 features; US technology company Apple on Tuesday unveiled the iPhone 13 and the new iPad. The new model of iPhone is equipped with FiveG features, high-speed chips, and powerful cameras but the price of the new phone has not been increased.

According to Reuters news agency, the digital product virtual event took place at the company's headquarters in Copertino, located in the state of California. Apple has not announced any blockbuster features in its new phone, but analysts expect that users of older models such as the iPhone X will be more enthusiastic about upgrading their device.

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What's new iPhone 13 features

  • Apple's new phone has a bionic chip called A15, which automatically translates text. The phone is equipped with better display, longer battery life and cinematic mode. Focus changes automatically when making videos from this mode.
  • Apple says the iPhone 13 has a 5G antenna and radio devices for high-speed data, and the phone will be available in five colors.
  • The new iPhone will start at 6 699, while the iPhone 13 Pro will be priced at 9 999 and the Pro Max at 10 1099. Up to a thousand dollars will be offered for the exchange. All three models of the iPhone 13 will go on sale on September 24.
  • There has been no change in the price of the iPhone since last year, but some wireless service providers, such as AT&T, have not received any additional charges in the case of old model exchanges and phone installments under the new plan.

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  • The iPhone 13 is Apple's most important product, but the company has introduced a number of service networks and other products, which are seen to be limited to consumers and expensive to leave.
  • The Series Seven's smartwatch will feature a larger display and faster charging. The watch will start at 39 399 and will be available this fall.
  • The company has also upgraded its iPad Mini to include FiveG. It has been redesigned, making it look more like an expensive iPad Air and Pro models.

New camera

Apple has also updated its base model iPad with a new camera for home-based learning. The base model starts at 32 329 and the mini starts at 4 499. Both devices will be available next week.

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