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Home » What made Rakesh Tikait angry on India TV anchor?

What made Rakesh Tikait angry on India TV anchor?

What made Rakesh Tikait angry on India TV ancho

Ground Report | New Delhi: Rakesh Tikait on India TV; Just days before the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, farmers’ leader Rakesh Tikait was seen furious over images of temples and mosques at India TV’s ‘Chunav Manch’ election caucus in Lucknow.

Speaking at the event, Tikait suddenly veered off-topic and asked the presenter: ‘aap kiska prachaar kar rahe ho?’ (who are you promoting here?), pointing to the back of the stage.

While discussing the issues of farmers, Tikait’s fury raged up. He abruptly alleged that the camera and the pen are guarded by a gun. “Why have you put up pictures of temples and mosques here? Why couldn’t you show hospitals?” he raved.

Rakesh Tikait on India TV

With his arrogant and strong voice, he saw himself staring at the anchor. He threatened and began to abuse the people of the channel. Anchor (Tikait fights Anchor) also belonged to western UP. He also reminded Tikait of his dignity with the same attitude.

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In the middle of the discussion, Rakesh Tikait asked the presenter: ‘At whose behest are you doing this job? Temple and Mosque showed in front. What are you showing? I can’t show that. You cannot promote anyone with the channel. Bad (bragging and yelling).

“What is the compulsion of showcasing this? This is in the interest of the country. Who are you promoting here?” he asked. 

The presenter said that the topic is clearly written and that he should talk about it. On this, Tikait said: ‘What is this below? Show the hospital here. The anchor said: ‘Who is the chief minister of the farmer? This is the theme. Give your opinion on this. You make the temple-mosque a political issue. Look what is written above.

He added: “Tikait ji, the issues of temples and mosques are discussed by political parties. You are an agricultural leader, not a political leader. It was you who raised the issues, during a discussion on the problems faced by farmers. “

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