What is vibrant villages programme of Modi government?

The Union Cabinet met on Wednesday and made some important decisions for development in various sectors such as agriculture, border security, roads and infrastructure, in the country.

The meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Youth Affairs and Sports Anurag Thakur and Minister of State for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairy and Information and Broadcasting L Murugan later discussed the various proposals that came up during the meeting of the Cabinet.

This decision also aims to encourage people to remain in their places of origin in border areas, reversing emigration from these regions and contributing to improving border security.

In order to achieve inclusive growth and build population in border regions, the program will provide financing for the development of vital infrastructure and the creation of livelihood opportunities in 19 districts, 46 border blocks, four states and one UT along the north of the country. 663 villages will be included in the initiative in the first phase.

What is vibrant villages programme?

Indian villages close to the Chinese border have harsh weather conditions. So, under the Vibrant Village Program, the central government will not only improve the living conditions of the people living in these areas, but also improve the infrastructure to facilitate transportation.

The Vibrant Villages program will be launched to improve infrastructure in villages along India’s border with China. The vibrant villages programme scheme helps to identify and develop the economic drivers based on the local natural human resources and other resources of the border villages.

The program aims to improve infrastructure in villages along India’s border with China. Infrastructure will be improved in states like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh.

In addition, the tourism potential will be harnessed through the promotion of local traditional and cultural heritage and knowledge and the development of sustainable eco-agribusinesses on the concept of ‘One people, one product’ through community organizations, cooperatives, SHGs, NGOs, etc

The vibrant village action plans will be created by the district administration with the help of gram panchayats. A 100% saturation of the central and state schemes will be ensured.

Key intended outcomes of this program

Gram Panchayats will assist district administration in developing vibrant action plans for villages and will ensure 100% saturation of central and state schemes.

Key intended outcomes of this program are all-weather road connectivity, potable water, 24/7 electricity, solar and wind power for focused care, and mobile and internet connectivity, along with resorts, multi-purpose Centers, and Health-Wellness Centers. The Union Minister also informed that there will be no overlap with the Border Area Development Program.

Special attention will be paid to solar and wind energy, mobile connectivity and the Internet. Tourist centres, multi-purpose centres and health and wellness centres.

There will be no overlap with the Border Area Development Program. Out of the financial allowance of Rs. Rs 4.8 billion Rs 2.5 billion will be used for roads.

Agriculture development

For the agricultural sector, the Cabinet approved the signing of an MoU between India and Chile for cooperation in the field of agriculture and related sectors.

According to the government, the main areas of cooperation would be agricultural policies for the development of modern agriculture, organic agriculture to facilitate bilateral trade in organic products, as well as the promotion of the exchange of policies aimed at developing organic production in both countries.


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