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What is the Lumpy Virus, that is killing thousands of cattle in India?

vaccine for lumpy virus

In the last few weeks, around 3,000 cattle have died in Rajasthan and Gujarat due to lumpy skin disease. The disease is transmitted to animals through vectors that stick to the skin of a cow or buffalo and the virus spreads through their skin. Because of this animals die.

This virus is spreading very fast in cattle. Due to this many cow-rearing farmers are upset. Due to the untimely death of the cow, the cow rearers are suffering a lot.

There is a lot of outbreak of the lumpy virus in Rajasthan. In some districts, more than 100 cows are dying every day. In Barmer, the land for the burial of dead cows has also started falling short. This virus has now reached Punjab from Rajasthan, Gujarat. The cattle ranchers and gaushala managers have appealed to the government for help. Farmers are demanding compensation for the death of their animals.

Farmers are getting their cows treated by a private doctor, which is very expensive. 10-20 thousand rupees are being spent on the treatment of one cow. Due to this disease, not only animals are dying, but the animals who are suffering from this disease have also stopped giving milk. This is likely to have a profound impact on the milk business.

Gaushala managers say that the government is collecting crores of rupees from the people in the name of cow cess, but this money is not reaching the gaushalas. Cows are dying in Gaushalas every day because of the lumpy.

What is this lumpy virus?

According to GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, lumpy skin disease is caused by the Capripoxvirus virus. Because of this, Livestock is in danger around the world. This virus infects cows and buffaloes through blood-feeding insects. These vectors enter the body through the skin of the animal. If this disease is not treated in time, the animals die.

Symptoms of the Lumpy Virus

  • Round-shaped lumps are formed on the skin of cows and buffalo.
  • The weight of the infected animal starts decreasing.
  • There may be fever and blisters may appear in the mouth.
  • Milk yield decreases.
  • An excessive amount of water dripping from the nose and mouth.
  • If cow and buffalo are pregnant then miscarriage can happen.
  • If not treated on time, the animal dies.
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Vaccine for Lumpy Virus

This virus belongs to the family of goat pox and sheeppox. Currently, only the sheeppox vaccine is being used for this. But in many places, farmers are not getting this vaccine. According to the report of Dainik Bhaskar, scientists of Haryana’s Central Horse Research have prepared an indigenous vaccine to combat lumpy. After vaccination, the animal will be safe from lumpy for one year. This vaccine will be available in the markets by the end of August. The government has approved its emergency trial.

Can this virus spread to humans?

According to the World Organization for Animal Health, this disease is not zoonotic, that is, it does not spread from animals to humans. If the milk of an infected animal is heated and drunk, then it is not harmful. Viruses present in milk die after boiling.

How to save your Cattle?

  • First of all, sanitize your cow-buffalo shade properly, use insecticide there and clean the place.
  • Infected cattle will have to be kept separate from healthy cattle, like the infected person was quarantined in Covid-19.
  • Immediately call the nearby veterinary doctor for treatment.
  • If treatment is not started on time, the animal may die.
  • Be sure to inform the state government about your animal’s health.
  • Immediately vaccinate healthy animals with the goat pox vaccine.
  • Animals whose immune system is strong will recover immediately.
  • If the animal dies, its dead body must be burnt or buried.

For this disease, the government has issued a helpline number 1962 for the farmers. On this farmers can get all the information related to this disease.

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