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What is the EF4 tornado that erased Rolling fork town in the United States?


The pictures coming from Rolling Fork town in the US are very frightening, the entire city of Rolling Fork has been destroyed in the tornado. The White House has assigned an EF4 category to this tornado. Which means it was a very powerful and rare type of tornado.

According to the data, the tornado continued to wreak havoc within a radius of 100 kilometers for 70 minutes, the width of the tornado is estimated to be around 4,000 feet. The speed of an EF4 category tornado can be 166 to 200 miles per hour.

What is EF4 Tornado?

Tornadoes are ranked based on the devastation they cause, measured on the Fujita scale. Tornadoes on this scale are measured in categories from F0 to F5. F0 is of the lowest intensity while F5 is the fastest.

Every year more than 2 thousand tornadoes are recorded worldwide. It is common in North America and many European countries.

According to the BBC report, the speed of the tornado was so fast that the debris of the broken houses was seen flying up to 30 thousand feet. There is news of 26 people killed, many injured, and missing in this tornado.

rolling fork tornado live picture

President Joe Biden has declared an emergency in the state of Mississippi. The state has been allocated funds for recovery from federal aid. Efforts will be made to revive the people affected by the tornado with this funding.

Golf ball-sized hailstones also fell here, adding to the damage. Rolling Fork is located in the southeastern US state of Mississippi, one of the most rural and impoverished areas of the US. 75 percent of the population in this town is of Black Americans, here one-fifth of the population belongs to the below poverty line.

Several homes were reduced to rubble in Rolling Fork. Nature has also suffered a lot here. Many trees were uprooted by the tornado.

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