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What is the chola worn by PM Modi in Kedarnath

What is the chola worn by PM Modi in Kedarnath

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is on a two-day tour of Uttarakhand, offered prayers at the famous Kedarnath temple, one of the four holy Hindu pilgrimage sites located in the Garhwal Himalayas in the Rudraprayag district of the state.

While performing puja at the temple, he was seen wearing a traditional white ‘chola dora’ which was reportedly given to him by the Chamba women of Himachal Pradesh.

Following this, Prime Minister Modi also visited Badrinath. During the two-day visit to the state, Prime Minister Modi will also lay the foundation stone for several projects.

These include the inauguration of the Gaurikund-Kedarnath cable car project. There is also news that the Prime Minister will also visit the Samadhi Sthal of Adi Guru Shankaracharya.

Following this, Prime Minister Modi addressed the local people of Mana, the last village on the India-China border.

This is not the first time PM Modi has visited a temple and he has wide coverage. But this time some people’s attention was focused on Prime Minister Modi’s clothes during the trip and worship.

The Gaddi tribe of Himachal Pradesh make their living by raising sheep and goats.

The Gaddis live with their cattle in the hills of Dhauladhar in the summer months, but during the winter the peaks of Dhauladhar’s skyscrapers are covered in snow.

In search of grass for the animals, the Gaddis move to the plains before it snows. And for many months, with their sheep and goats, they move to the lowlands of Himachal.

The Gaddi tribe is known for its rich culture. An important part of this culture is the special costume of the Gaddis.

What is Chola and Dora?

It is believed that the ancestors of the Gaddis worshipped Shiva for a long time. OC Handa writes in his book-‘Textiles, Costume and Ornaments of Western Himalayas’ that Lord Shiva was pleased with the penance of his ancestor named Jayastambha and gifted a Chola, Dora and Topa to Jayastambha.

A traditional male dress from the Gaddi community, the ‘chola dora’ is worn by people at festivals and special occasions. ‘Chola’ (or cholu) is a long, loose, knee-length woolen dress or coat that is fitted around the waist with several turns of ‘dora’.

According to, the ‘chola’ is made of ‘patti’ (hand-spun woolen cloth) and is sewn in such a way that Gaddi males can hold newborn lambs in their ‘chola’ during migration. “The special design of the ‘chola’ is made of wool, as previously this garment used to be the clothing of Lord Shiva,” he stated.

What is prepared after spinning, is called Patti or Pattu. It is usually white and sometimes black. It is made of soft and fine wool, which gives the cushions warmth even in the frigid winter. From this a gown resembling a robe is prepared.

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