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What is ‘Modi’s Magnistsky 11’ advertisement in Wall street journal controversy?

What is ‘Modi’s Magnistsky 11’ advertisement in Wall street journal controversy?

A full-page advertisement has been published in Wall Street Journal against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his ministers and key officials, With Headline, Wanted Modi’s magnitsky 11, Meet the officials who make India an unsafe place to invest.

A photo of the page was shared on Twitter by Indian-American businesswoman Asha Jadeja Motwani. “Full page ad war on India’s growth and progress. WSJ These are wealthy Hindu haters, pretending this is a war against Modi. Shame on the Wall Street Journal for allowing such misinformation and lies. Guess? CAIR and IAMC are based on the “oil money fund” used by these groups,” he wrote in the tweet.

The advertisement names 11 people, after which it is written, “These officers of the Modi government have ended the rule of law by using state institutions as weapons to settle political and business rivals, It has made India unsafe for investors.”

“We urge the US government to impose economic and visa sanctions against them under the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. The rule of law has declined under the Modi regime and India has become a dangerous investment destination.”

The WSJ adds the names of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Antrix Corp Chairman Rakesh Sasibhushan, Attorney General Tushar Mehta, Supreme Court Justices Hemant Gupta and V Ramasubramanian, PC Special Law Judge Chandra Shekhar, CBI DSP Ashish Pareek, Sanjay Kumar Mishra of the Enforcement Directorate, ED Deputy Director R Rajesh, Add Attorney General N Venkataraman, and ED Dy Director A Sadiq Mohamed, in collusion.

These officials have been investigating key cases that could affect the US-based lobbyists’ plan to derail India and thus demanded the US government to impose sanctions against them as well.

“These Modi government officials have undermined the rule of law by using state institutions as weapons to settle scores with political and business rivals, making India unsafe for investors. We have asked the US government. If you are an investor in India , could be next,” read the bad-faith ad titled “Modi’s Magnitsky 11 Wanted.”

special things

  • Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Supreme Court judges, ED officials as wanted in Wall Street Journal ad
  • The advertisement has sought to impose economic and visa restrictions on 11 people, including the Finance Minister.
  • American organization Frontiers of Freedom has released this advertisement
  • Ad states that 11 executives make India unsafe for investors
  • Ramchandra Viswanathan, co-founder of Devas Multimedia is said to be behind this advertisement.


Why you ask from other that who is your father? 😡 How long you will ask from your competitors whether you are doing good or bad? Summary: Don’t ask your enemies to make future plan for you. If so you are doing suicidal work.

Wall street journal Ad

Another Twitter user Govindarajan V said, “GM. Shocked to see such an open hate on India. It is abundantly clear that efforts are on to undermine & block our progress. It’s time for all of us including opposition parties to keep India first in their agenda & defeat such divisive forces. Siding with them is anti national.

Another user wrote “With extreme appeasement ‘Sabka Vishwas’ educational schemes for MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS only along with 75% caste based reservations in education and jobs means talent, hardwork takes backseat under @narendramodi . Talented are running away, so true.”

Wall street journal Ad


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