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What is Havana Syndrome, How many cases reported in India?

What is Havana Syndrome,

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Havana Syndrome; At a time when the third wave of Covid-19 is hitting not only India, but the entire world, it seems that a new outbreak has emerged within the shores of the Indian subcontinent after a US intelligence official complained of symptoms suggestive of Havana syndrome. danger has arisen.

During a visit to New Delhi earlier this month.US Central Intelligence Agency officials, who were traveling to India with Director William Burns earlier in September, reported symptoms of Havana syndrome, CNN and The New York Times reported on Monday.


A CIA spokesperson told Reuters news agency they do not comment on such specific incidents. “We have protocols in place for when individuals report potentially unusual health events, including receiving appropriate medical treatment,” the spokesperson told the news agency.

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About 200 United States officials and family members have complained of Havana syndrome, a mysterious group of illnesses that includes migraines, nausea, memory loss, and dizziness.

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What is Havana Syndrome?

The mysterious syndrome was first known in 2016. At that time, dozens of cases were detected among American and Canadian diplomats and their relatives in the Cuban capital. Those affected suffered from drowsiness, fatigue, headaches, and hearing and vision problems. Some lost their hearing permanently.

Since the incidents in Cuba, symptoms have been repeatedly reported by US diplomats and intelligence officials, including in Russia, China, Austria, and most recently in Berlin. Those affected have nausea, dizziness, severe headaches, earaches, and fatigue, and some are unable to work, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Some of those harmed had handled issues such as gas exports, cybersecurity or political interference.


  • Severe headaches
  • Loss of balance
  • Sickness
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Pressure in the ears
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Sleep disturbances: drowsiness or insomnia
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Affected individuals present a series of differences in the structure of the white matter of the brain, which contains mainly nerve fibers, perceptible on magnetic resonance images.  

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Although in some cases it has been treated with alternative pseudotherapies, some improvements have been seen in patients with a specific rehabilitation program that consists of neurological exercises, although research is still needed to speak of conclusive data.

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