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FOMO,”fear of missing out” Do you feel same?

Sometimes we feel like we are missing out something in life. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is fear of not being included in something (such as an interesting or enjoyable activity) that others are experiencing.

A common example of FOMO is being worried about missing events that your friends might attend, which can cause you to constantly check the social media platform that you all use. It leads to social Media Addiction. You start checking out your phone frequently without any reason.

FOMO is bad for Mental Health

Yes FOMO is bad for your mental health it causes various mental health issues, such as fatigue and stress, which harm physical health in long run.

High levels of FOMO can not only make people more likely to use social media, but can also make them experience more stress. Person with FOMO feels he is not much popular and feel left out.

Girls experiencing depression tend to use social networking sites at a greater rate while, for boys, anxiety was a trigger for greater social media use.

How to overcome this?

Rather than focusing on what you lack, try noticing what you have. 

Keep distance from Digital devices. Install Digital wellbeing apps and track your onscreen time. Try to reduce it.

Follow journals on social media and try to read good material.

You can change your feed to show you less of what triggers your FOMO and more of what makes you feel good about yourself.

Make real friends talk to them. Participate in Offline activities. Do whatever you like.

Take some time to do exercise, yoga, meditation or any physical activity.

Going on hiking, treking also a good break from social media.

Spend time with family and loved ones.

Read good books, morning newspaper.

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