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Home » West Bengal: Bodies found in river Ganga raised concern

West Bengal: Bodies found in river Ganga raised concern

Residents are sure that the body floated from another state

Ground Report | New Delhi: Two dead bodies found in the Gange river in Malda district of West Bengal have raised the concern of the district administration. In the Manikchak area of ​​the district, local people saw two bodies in water on Saturday. Manikchak police confirmed, recovering one body from the Ganga.

Local people say that the second body was washed away and went towards Farakka. Assuming corona infected, that dead body has been cremated under the covid protocol. Police estimate that the body had reached this area after being swept away from neighboring Jharkhand itself.

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Superintendent of Police Alok Rajouria says, “The local people had talked about seeing two bodies. But only one body was recovered from the spot. He had become so deformed that it was impossible to identify. It is difficult to say whether there is a case of death due to corona or not. But he had reached here by flowing from Jharkhand. We are monitoring and alerting the coastal areas. Simultaneously, the search is on for the second body.”

Residents are sure that the body floated from another state. Bholanath Mandal, a Kesharpur resident, said: “We could not identify the body and are sure it came from outside as all villagers here are vouched for. We think it is that of a Covid patient from elsewhere.”

Rajarshi Mitra, Malda district magistrate said: “We have been keeping watch on the Ganga. The body recovered would be dealt with according to protocol and directives from higher-ups.”

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It is important to mention here that the state government had alerted the Malda district administration only after more than a hundred bodies were recovered in the Ganges on the north and Bihar border in the past. On this basis, eight teams were continuously monitoring the banks of the Gange from Gadaichar to Manikchak. 

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